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Losing faith quite quickly now

‘Sigh’ I will give it all one more week. Then this thing is canned. :cry:


I see you joined in Dec 2020, you’ve been here for just almost 3 months and you’re thinking about giving up already? Probably you don’t want this enough.

Do you know there are people who have been here for years and have been struggling a lot?

What did you do in this span of 3 months to get orders? Have you made your researches? Did you try to improve your gigs?

Nothing good comes to those who just sit back and wait here on Fiverr


I am also video editor and motion designer, let me give you some tips that will maybe motivate you to continue.

So, you seem to know your job and crazy stuff from what I see, what you need is to be more attractive and eye catchy.

Your logo gig: if you really have created a stadium with a logo tracking etc and not using templates or anything, then you are able to do more than this.
Ask a question: why would people need their logo on a stadium and why would they pay for it ?
Answer: there is no reason.

In this case, you should create a gig that targets a specific task, like
: I will animate and track your logo anywhere, just an example, so you could make a 1 minute video where you show more about what you’re able to create and animate, and not only this stadium.

For your music gigs, you should show what you’re able to do in term of VFX animation and effects and not only target your gig for simple screen split, you can create a gig like:
I will edit your musical video clips with crazy effects, just an exemple, where you do more varied tasks

You could also target other categories and types of editing like:
A gig for streamers and youtubers
A gig for video game editing
A gig for showreel editing
A gig for business and enterprise editing

Also, you are here since december 2020, it takes time to grow a business on fiverr, you also need to know and watch tutorial about how to SEO your gigs like to find a good title for your gigs, good tags words to appear in first pages etc.

Also, maybe get a better profile picture, you have a lot of things that you can improve on your gigs.

Hope it has been helpful.


I know it’s hard but to me it took 7-8 months to get an order :pray: don’t give up please you will regret later if you did.

Success is not easy but if you give up within one week you will never know :face_with_monocle:


Fair comments, The problem is VFX takes time to generate to create. It needs to be work I can do quickly. Sure I can do a lot of effects and I enjoy doing them. It just too much time, to be worthwhile.

Someone nearly did buy the stadium logo but they needed too many tweaks, I offered a re-render but their ideas had moved on by then. Also, a buyer nearly bought a split-screen music video. They said their event was cancelled but I know they just went to somebody cheaper in Brazil.
You have given me a few ideas on types of gigs and my presentation. So thanks for that. Best regards


Have you did some research on your competitors?

I have been here since 2017. Just started to get more reach only starting to get get some clicks. Just got my third client btw. Maybe try to market on social medias ? I haven’t done any marketing so maybe that’s why I’m not getting any clients. And I think my gig is better than 90% of the gigs here too.

It takes time and a lot of effort to build your Fiverr business.

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