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Losing interactions and clicks on my gig

Hey guys, well the title kinda explains a bit of what’s going on, and it would be nice to seek some advice on anything I could improve. I tried to take care of a lot of aspects regarding my gig, offer things that not many offered and things like that.

Regardless of the things I offer, and reaching level one some time ago, it just seems like my gig doesn’t feel attractive? Which leads me to think that I might be missing a bigger picture and therefore, would like to seek for some opinions.

I try to reach buyers from buyer request, but haven’t got the chance to work with any of them so far (Had only one 2 years ago, I think).

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to fiverr forum.:revolving_hearts: I saw your gig is parfait**you send buyer request. it better option too you…

Your gig looks fine, actually. Maybe make a slightly broader description to inject a number of extra keywords for people to be able to find you? And if you know 3d modeling well, why not to do a research and find where else your modeling skills can be applied to and make an extra gig out of it? :slight_smile:


Can u explain me a bit more of this, please?

And thank you for welcoming me here! Always checking this forum but finally decided to show up :sweat_smile:

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I certainly been thinking about it, like logo design and so on


hey, do not worry, in fiverr you need to be patience and ensure you make good use of keywords

I’m going to dive into this a bit further. Regarding prices u think it is too much? I had to remake all that months ago because I started with 5 models for $5 and 18 for $15, and each time I got a job, it felt not only exhausting, but also like if my work wasn’t worth that much