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Losing Level 1 because of no rating by the clients

After getting level 1 I stopped getting as many orders as I used to get before. Now even the current clients won’t rate my work and I also can not request them to rate the order since it is against the TOS of Fiverr. Because of the lack of rating, I am going to lose my level 1 rank. Any suggestions?


What makes you think a client not giving you a Review/Star Rating affects your account Level?

I have a sneaky feeling there may be more to this story than you have typed. You mention what could be a sign you got desperate and did some thing - maybe took on a client you should not have??


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No actually is not it compulsory to maintain a 4.7 rating for 60 days for maintaining level 1? I have got no rating in about 58 days and that is what makes me think that it will affect my Level. Please guide me if I am wrong.

If you do not accept another order again, you keep your Level 1?

Why would you lose your rank? If you didn’t receive any negative reviews, then your account should still maintain it’s level.

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Fiverr is different from some other places and Coarse Ogre is actually right - if not flippant as his habit these days Grrr

Once you have attained a Level, so long as you do not do anything to make your stats dip below the thresholds you don’t lose the level badge.

So if you don’t get any reviews or any reviews that take you below 4.7 there is no drama.


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Ok, thank you very much. It is helpful :slight_smile: