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Losing level I don't know why

I lost my level. What can I do now?

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I don’t know why

Selling > Analytics > Seller level. What requirement(s) didn’t you satisfy?

I was in level one…but I lost my level.

Yeah, but you can know why if you look at that page.

Contact Help & Support

just check the dashboard portion or level requirement page you will understand what is the issue

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All requirement are filled out. But suddenly lost level.

Do they all say they are 90% or higher?

You haven’t maintained the review level - you’ve a 3.7 review published 2 months ago on one of your gigs that pulled your overall rating down - last month, probably. You may regain your level this month, depending on what date that 3.7 was given.


It’s clearly shows that your current rate is 4.7
That is why you got demoted.
You need to improve your rate back at least to 4.8 again and wait at least 60 days before you can get promoted again.