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Losing level one seller status

Once i lose my level one seller status, do i get it back in future?

I had 3 unfair order can cancellations, where buyers placed an order by mistake. This has caused my order completion rate drop to 89%. Which in no case can increase upto 90% till 15 (when is the next evaluation).
To maintain my Level one seller status I need to keep up 90% of rate. That means I will lose it this time.
So do i get it again? Anytime in future?


Hello, Yes you can. When everything is fine then you will get it back again.


Welcome to Fiverr snakes and ladders. This may be the first time it’s happened, but probably won’t be the last.

You’ve slipped down a snake this month, but with some time (60 days) that issue will fade and you can climb a ladder again.

Unfortunately, going back to 0 is not a great experience. It will take a bit of work to get back to where you were.

For the future: adjust your buyer requirements to prevent this happening again. Melissa’s suggestions are a really great place to start - you can adjust what she’s done to fit the requirements to your own gigs: