Losing money on cloths and printing LOGO


A buyer order my service for printing his LOGO on cloths , so i have decided to buy the cloths and get his LOGO printed ; when i send through his order her accuse me of putting together pictures on photoshop ; in others word,s he said the pictures are fake and that i am a SCAM . so he cancelled his order , so i have try talking to him to do OVER THE ORDER , which i had to PRINT his LOGO on new out fit , still up to this moment he did not place back a ORDER … it seem to me that this BUYER is the SCAM. how can i get back my money??? please help!!!


What do you mean you decided to “buy” the clothes and get the logo printed. You do mean clothes as in t-shirts or something like that right?

Also, I do not even see any gig that you have that says it is for LOGO design in the title.

Some buyers do scam to try and get free work, it happens and as a business person you may get a cancellation once in a while.

On the other hand, if you do not have a gig for this, and have no sample photos where you have printed logos on clothing, then it is a little tough to say what it is supposed to look like. Can you show us your gig that has sample photos of logos on clothes?