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Losing sales...?


I have a whiteboard animation gig. it was my main gig. but I wasn’t able to work for a month(may). since may month losing my sale I mean gig does not promote. there is no potential client to ask project. even no message regarding the gigs for the works. but some views are there. I’ve contact custom support. they advised me to promote my gig in social media but previous I did not do that because in here had a more potential buyer. feeling
Fiverr algorithm was changed with their updates. please, any ideas and help…?
and also I had few late deliveries. is that effect for the order flowing?


It’s probably because over the past few months there has been a surplus of whiteboard animation gigs. Those guys have hundreds/thousands of positive feedback now and appear higher up on search results. Just keep selling and you’ll make your way back up :slight_smile:

Vigasan is right, a very prolific whiteboard animation company that I voice for, using the name “ydrawing” has activated their gig again, and they have 10,000+ reviews, so wait a little while for them to deactivate their gig and you’ll bounce right back :slight_smile:

You’ll also constantly be getting more and more repeat customers, these are gold!