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Losing Top Rated Seller after 4 years because of 89% reply's

So it looks like I’ll be a Top Rated Seller for about 12 more hours and I’m going to lose it because of having an 89% reply rate back.

Why this is so frustrating.

  • Why is it imperative that we reply to every single message in 24 hours when there are literally millions of people on this site? There are probably tens of thousands who are in the graphic design category, who can help also?

  • Timing doesn’t really matter. When we can just send an pre written reply back that is generic, unthoughtful and doesn’t answer the question, just to appease an algorithm on the website, is this really customer service? I answer some messages within minutes but these don’t have any more weight to them then ones I could send a generic reply to after 23 hours.

  • In the grand scheme of things replies in 24 hours have zero bearing on if someone orders from you or not. I’ve gotten back to people after a few days sometimes because of family and weekends and people who are willing to wait, they will wait for you, people who are looking for a rush just ALWAYS find someone. I have messaged people after 1 hour and they have already found a seller to help them.

  • The categories are all weighted the same, when they are all not the same weight. Order completion rate, On time delivery and Rating are all much more important. With Rating and On-time Delivery probably being the top. These reflect how happy the buyer is with the work they paid for.

  • There is no reasonable way to control when and when you don’t get messages. The only way to control when a message comes in is to turn your gigs off, the only way to do this is to go on vacation mode, which makes it look like you are on vacation and everyone who has an order open with you at the time, thinks you are leaving them high and dry. Even when you select “overbooked mode” Fiverr gives no information that you are overbooked and not on an “actual vacation” They even give you palm trees and a sunny beach graphic, when all reality you are struggling to get work out because you are so busy. Then to confound the problem, people who you have an order open with you are asking for refunds because they think you left them high and dry.

  • I spend some days 18 hours in front of my computer working on designs for people, getting orders out and making sure that buyers get the absolute best customer service, this is reflected in my Ratings and on-time delivery and reviews. I have something like 4000 5 star reviews. These have no effect on keeping my rating.

  • Demotion is automatic, but getting top rated seller back isn’t automatic. It didn’t use to be like this, before getting demoted had to go through a review process, for 1% point to determine so much doesn’t seem fair. Especially when we are talking 89% vs 90% out of 100.

I work so hard on this site, I absolutely love this site otherwise I wouldn’t be so passionate about this. We all have different circumstances when we need help in our lives and working here on Fiverr is no different. The past 3 months have been very difficult for me I have conveyed this to Fiverr but the only response (outside of my wonderful personal Fiverr rep) is it is basically up to the website, if you are demoted, you are demoted. In the past 3 months I spend 4 days in the ICU, a dear family member died in June, and my sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor a week and a half ago. As much as I tried to keep up with answering messages from possible potential buyers, I did prioritize my work queue and getting orders out on time with folks who already paid for my services, I let my replies slip to 89% of 90%.

From what I can tell from form posts on here, sales get cut in half or more, which would mean the end of my full-time on Fiverr. I don’t really know how to end this post except that I really enjoyed my time on the site, I really hope that it isn’t over for me on Fiverr as I’m going to try my best to stick it out, but I have to do what I have to for my family.

I wish all other Fiverr sellers the best of luck :slight_smile:

Rob W.


I was thinking about sending you a message to help you out. But what if you didn’t reply? I’d just make the situation worse!

I am sorry for your soon to be loss, however, response rate is something most sellers have near total control over. Make it your goal to answer all messages after you turn on your computer in the morning. Even sending, “no, sorry” 20 times can be accomplished in less than 5-minutes.

As for your extraneous circumstances, I am very sorry to hear about your problems. Sadly, though, it seems like you, I, and many other sellers sometimes need a set back like a demotion to rethink our entire strategy.

Twice I have made a mental decision to power through with Fiverr when really I should have hit the vacation button. In both cases, I have sorely regretted this decision due to inevitably falling behind and having problems with I thought I could manage breed other problems which I wasn’t able to.

Of course, saying that won’t help you now. However, you could always look at this as an opportunity to explore new things.


I appreciate it and I am online now (wink) It was a problem I brought up when this system came out. I do get what you are saying and we are in control of it, but I tried to avoid sending generic responses to everything, which I guess I will 100% do now. I’ll just send a “Got your message, I’ll get back to you soon, thanks!” message which really does nothing for the buyer and just satisfies an arbitrary number for Fiverr. I mean if the goal is for us to support potential buyers better, this doesn’t achieve that goal.

But I do get what you are saying brother, I’ve already set up responses for these situations now, I just really wanted to avoid using them because they don’t help out any buyers, its just me responding for myself…

Plus, I’d say that most messages sellers get are copied and pasted to multiple Fiverr sellers when they are sent, like I said I have replied to folks 30 minutes after a message and they have already found someone. I don’t think people finding someone to do work is an issue on this site.


Wait… being demoted from TRS used to be a manual process? That would be consistent with a TRS promotion being manual as well.

Why did that come to an end?

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From what I was told from customer service this is a direct quote from them.

“Regarding your possible demotion, the system will automatically demote you if on the 15th of July your stats do not improve by then.”

I have also heard that to get back TRS is extremely hard.

I would agree that’s a much more logical way to do things. Then you just say, "Sorry Fiverr. I missed a couple messages because I was too busy making you money otherwise.


Yep, I mean I always try to be helpful to everyone I get a message from. I mean I answer messages all the time from buyers who never take the time to reply back to me, it just seems like something really dumb to lose your TRS over.

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I mean at some point considering how much money I have made the site, you would think they would have your back on something like 1% point off…

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I took advantage of your wink (wink.)

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I am sorry to hear that you have family situation. Did you tried to explain to support that? Maybe it will be good idea to message them and explain your situation.


Yep, I contacted my personal rep who was very helpful, but she didn’t seem like she had much control over what happens, she did say she would be super supportive of me getting back my TRS so there is that I guess.

Fiverr direct support was less helpful, they pretty much just said sorry for the situation and you will be demoted on the 15th if your stats don’t change :confused:

:wink: relax and have a :beer:


Personal reps are always helpful, but as you said, they don’t have much control over it. They can only give you advice.

For support, it usually depends on who you get. Sometimes support is very helpful and sometimes they aren’t.


I bet @cal5086 didn’t expect the problem to potentially be resolved this way…

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Yes, they have been pretty good with me honestly, it just seems like it is the over all structure. I use to work at Kinkos back in the day and as soon as Fedex took over the whole structure changed to this overly corporate thing that wasn’t great to work at, while I don’t totally get that vibe working on here. I feel like perhaps for the people who do work at Fiverr directly it is very corporate.


I hope you will not lose TRS status. Maybe you will be lucky and stay TRS. When is your evaluation day?

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It would be nice if your rep had more control over if you lose your TRS or not. I’m usually very, very good at answering messages and getting back to folks, just when I was in the ICU and the death in the family just been a crazy past few months.

It happens in like 9 hours now or so I guess, the rep told me July 15, but on my page it says July 14th 00:00 GMT

Everyone has different evaluation time as I can see. And messages about evaluation comes few days after so not really sure what date is correct here.

I don’t like evaluation at all. 1% can make a difference in everything


Yeah, it should be tied to two stats in my opinion. so if you are below 90% in two categories then I could understand automatically losing it.


Howdy, Rob! :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear about your situation. Dealing with all that you’ve got your hands full atm. Health & Family obviously comes first.

I’m curious in your TRS circle have you heard of any cases of a demoted TRS - regaining this status? To date, I haven’t read any stories – not one! Which makes me think to achieve TRS is a one-time shot kinda thing. It’s too bad Fiverr couldn’t sympathize with your situation to maintain your TRS status. Somethings are unavoidable not by fault!