Loss hope the platform


maybe i can`t get order in fiver .how long i need to wait for order


Don’t loose your hope. Wait with great hope…you will get work soon. And please don’t mind that you have to improve your English more. Grammar and spelling. Buyer not only follow your gig but also follow your others thing too. Thank you.


THANK YOU SO MUCH rawzaman75 .


I’m sorry to drop the bomb here, but no matter how much hope you have and no
matter how long you wait, if your gigs don’t look good, it will be hard to get orders.
You REALLY need to first hire someone to fix your gig description, and then also
need to come up with better sample images.
Not only do I see many grammar/spelling errors, I see some sloppy and careless
mistakes that make it clear to me that you did not spend enough time setting your gigs up,
and you also failed to double check.
I hope you are aware that logo/business card/flier designs are very, VERY competitive.

If you are “loosing hope” after just waiting and doing nothing for 2 months,
Fiverr might not be for you…


it will come soon… promote yourself.


You always drop that “reality” bombs on the other similar threads :laughing:
To be honest, i really appreciate your bomb posts. We need someone who could evaluate and improve others :smiley:

Back to the topic

Actually, you can. I checked your logo gig and found that you just haven’t spend some times to build your portfolios. Also, i would suggest you to read some books about the fundamental of logo design IF you really want to get an order for a logo.


If you are waiting for the orders to come, there’s the issue. You have to look for your clients.


Don’t loose hope.
Try to make your gigs attractive with good discription and be active on fiverr you’ll get orders


Why thank you :sweat_smile:
I’m not trying to be mean ( well, I guess I might to some people though…), but
I am often times baffled/confused and also quite angry when people just expect
some stuff to happen without clearly putting in the effort.
True, in their minds maybe they thought it was enough, and IF they were students right
out of college or something, I can be a bit more understanding, but when they say they are
“professionals” with experience…I tend to go Godzilla on them at times.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yeah, wanting to be successful with no effort is just… Meh :unamused: