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Loss my confidence and believe


Today i am very sad. I join Fiverr in 3 month. In 3 month i get only 7 orders. i regular optimize my gig and send buyers request. Everyday i spend 9-10 hours in fiverr.i also published my gig in Facebook twitter every day. but i can not get result… Last 20 days i can not get orders. so day by day i loss my confidence and believe.

I’m new on Fiverr and I want to build my online career with fiverr. So, please help me to build-up my new career.

Best Regards,



Reply to @rocks_design:

That’s certainly one way to go. Alas, however, the audience in that forum is not the right audience to reach buyers. The vast majority of people who would see anything posted in the Fiverr Gigs forum are other sellers – and most of them aren’t on Fiverr to buy anything.

My advice, go where the buyers are – which means, go off Fiverr to promote. Promote on your websites, write a blog post, post the link(s) to your Fiver gigs on social media. Go where the potential buyers are.


Its been a year on Fiverr. I haven’t get any Order. I dont know why is it so?

I am a University Student and I have to meet my fee expenses. I am really worried now. Can some one look at my gigs?

Is there any problem in them please tell me. I shall be very thankful to all respected members.


@talha515 Hey Keep patience and Optimize your keywords of the each gigs.

You will definitely get some orders.


wow… its only been 3 months and you are depressed. it has taken people more than 6 months to get an order. so dont lose hope.

Focus on your keywords, gig description and pictures. make changes to them every 2-3 days and see what difference it makes.

Dont give up and keep working hard.



I want to hard work…but how ?.. safwan you see my gig ? my gig are perfect ?


lol… I have joined fiverr since 1 year still am struggling not got a single order… and you are depressed…

Just Promote yourself…


Can you tell us what you’re selling on Fiverr?

Clearly some gigs are far in higher demands than others while some gigs are just in very few demands.

I have compiled my experience of making great income on Fiverr into a 70 page ebook which has helped many people and can help you too. See the link below:


One of your problems is your gig titles. There is a huge problem there with grammar and spelling. It is an immediate turn-off for buyers. With some of them it’s unclear what you’re offering.

Titles like “I will created to simulate cool LCD Pixel effects” really don’t communicate to a buyer that you’re a good communicator, so proofread them all. My guess is you meant to say you’d ‘create a simulation of an LCD pixel effect’.

“I will this awesome Tittle only you” Makes no sense. “customize this awesome title for you”, I think is what you meant?

You’ve misspelled “Title” as ‘tittle’ in two gigs (a tittle is the dot on top on an i or j, fun fact), you’ve used “chanal” when it is spelled channel. Where you’ve used “animeted” it should say “animate”, and there is an ‘e’ in ‘something’. Just to name a few issues.

Maybe you could buy a gig from one of the many Fiverr proofreaders to fix your gigs up for you. :slight_smile:

That should at the very least help get you more views.


keep promoting you will get result :slight_smile:


i checked your profile. use only 1 or 2 gigs from start :slight_smile:


Okay Here is the things I can recommend

See below title

I will this awesome Tittle animation only you for $5

It should corrected as

I will Create Awesome Title Animation Only for You

When buyers see some mistakes like this it communicate the wrong attitude towards you as a careless person. So Please try to correct your grammar and spellings. First type your gig titles and descriptions in Ms Word then it will help you to get wrong grammar and spelling noticed. Then correct them and paste in to Gig description box.(This is nothing to be worry as our first language is not English)

Another thing is that all your gigs look similar try to diversified the gigs and post them under different categories

Hope it helps


Reply to @inkpetal: YOU RANG?!


Promote your gig in Fiverr Gigs


It does take time. It also depends on what you are offering you have to offer something people would want and need. Also look at top sellers, look at what they do. I searched google for something and a fiverr member popped up. This member added backlinks to his gig which I really never thought to do but it turned out to be a great idea. Don’t give up I started out slow but I read a couple of fiverr ebooks and made some changes to my gig and I am doing great! Great luck!


I really jumpstarted my fiverr sales when I first started by constantly scanning the “requested gigs” list. I would respond with an offer for any request that I thought I could do. If you start doing that aggressively, you’ll have plenty of orders.


Also, you are in high competitive category on fiverr. Video intros are pretty popular, so you need to offer better or more.

Let me show my example. I am in the blog mentions niche and offer guest posts on my blogs. So there are a lot of people on fiverr offering that so I decided to give buyers more and earn less but to have stable income. So I get orders pretty often because one simple reason - noone is better in my category than me, noone offers more for $5 :slight_smile:

So you do the same. I am not in your niche so I am not good at video intros or design but for example:

People offer intros of 5 seconds average - you offer 10 seconds intro.

People offer extra to add music - you do it for free.

People offer 1 image plus 2 lines of text - you offer 3 images and 5 lines of text

People offer one order for $5 you offer for extra $5 to make total of 3 intros

People ask extra $5 per revision - you offer it for free!

It’s just an example. Yes, it will be a hard work but after 5-6 months you will get more order, will have good reviews and will probably have regular customers. Then, you can increase your price and do what average is in you category, like others.

There is no field in business where you can succeed overnight without hard work - except if you are one in a million with a talent like leonardo da vinci or brain like einstein or you have unique brillian idea in mind…


All the other comments are right! Don’t give up so easily! I’ve been on Fiverr for 8 months now but I’ve only gotten 12 orders. :slight_smile: Still, those orders meant a lot to me and they were really fun to accomplish! Don’t be discouraged and just keep on trying hard. And when you finally get orders, make sure to do your best so that they will order again from you in the future!

Good luck to us “new” sellers! :slight_smile:


don’t feel bad, i got my first order after a few months,just do what you’re doing and you’ll see results soon.


There are many people, including myself, offering proofreading services here on Fiverr. If you only get one more customer by improving your listing, you will break even; every customer after that is all profit.