Loss my Level-2 and No Any Level of My Profile. I don't know why.. Please explain the reason


Hello Guys,

I Loss today my Level-2 and No Any Level of My Profile. I don’t know why… Please explain the reason

Thanks for Your Explanation in Advance !!


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Now More happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: My Issue Solved and i again got my level-2 back :slight_smile:


You would really need to ask Customer Support. No one in the forum would know. My best guess based on looking at your profile is the type of gigs you offer. First I see a lot of traffic gigs and those gig types are getting a lot of negative attention lately. In addition, you seem to have a lot of gigs that look the same or highly similar on one account. Still, don’t take my guess as anything useful, just ask Customer Support.


Yes i know that No one can support in forum, I was just asking point of view to any seller whos suffered this issue any time. Thanks