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Loss of sale Can anyone help

For some apparent reason my best selling gig which has 47 5 star reviews was taking off of the search engine for no apparent reason and I’ve went from receiving 4-6 orders a day to basically 0 a day. I contacted Fiverr, as they told me that my gig was taken out of the search engine because it is not within their editorial focus. For 1, why wouldn’t my best selling gig be in your editorial focus if it has nothing but 5 stars and it’s the only organic promotion that this site has to offer. I’ve purchased from numerous buyers and all the engagement was fake promotion. So I’m a little lost on what it means to not be in the editorial focus? Does that mean that it’s not based off of results and clicks that it’s based off someone who choses who gets their gigs placed in front of buyers. In some way I feel discriminated against. I just don’t understand the reasoning on why a gig that is pleasing customers be taken away from the search engine. I’ve already received complaints from customers who can’t find my products. By having gigs placed by editorial focuses would allow top sellers to be beat out by new sellers, and sellers they show favoritism to. I feel everyone should be placed within the search engine. I asked Fiverr what are the requirements to be within their editorial focus and I’m awaiting a response.

Please tell us what exactly you were offering?

Most people who get this ‘Editorial Focus’ message, usually get their GIGS denied. But yours was removed from the search like a few others I know (adult related gigs). Not saying your gig is X related! I guess Fiverr really is changing up the game. :thinking:

I don’t know, but I imagine this is the issue:

You will receive the following guaranteed
Organic Likes from real users who can be verified.
Organic Repost from real users who can be verified.
Organic Shares onto different social media platforms like Facebook, instagram and twitter.
Organic Followers from real users who can be verified.
Real users who can be verified means SoundCloud users who have real followers, and actively use their account daily. You song can come across a big name.

I know you are not “selling likes” etc but you do say that you guarantee these things which could be seen as the same thing.


Thats because those things are guaranteed. With my promotion it’s guaranteed and I actually provide proof when it occurs with screenshots to every single one of my customers which are all satisfied and I still have proof of. To me I feel that Fiverr have discriminated against me because of the increase in sales. I feel that they’re using this seo system to put a maxout on how much money a seller can make within a certain time frame. If you check my account you can see for yourself every single customer of mine was satisfied.

I’m not going to dispute that you do - just that services which guarantee certain user actions to happen in relation to social media tends to get removed from what I have seen.

I dunno. I see you are relatively new - perhaps your success is down to the fact that so much of your established competition has been removed and now it is your turn to be removed. Whatever it is, it is not something I would ever describe as discrimination.


Have you seen the amount of sellers that offer the promotion for soundcloud that is still available within the search engine? Why is it that my gig isn’t within the editorial focus but a different seller with 2 sales and 1 rating appears on the first page. I’ve worked hard for my feedback and customers and I feel that sellers with high rating and seniority shouldn’t be over looked.

New sellers probably haven’t been noticed yet but will soon be taken down. There probably are not many old sellers doing this as they were already removed.

An official word from Fiverr Staff.

They are definitely not discriminating or targeting people for fun. Their focus is just on different things!

But I understand where you’re coming from tho.


My gigs are my source of income so when things like this happen I do panic. Sorry… So does this mean that every gig that has to do with soundcloud music promotion I’m guessing will be deleted