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Lost 1% For Refund 5 Hours After Order


My buyer made an order today and a few hours later, he sends a refund notice with the words.

“No longer need a brand name. Found one already.”

Now my order completion rate has fallen to 89%

Why am I being punished for a buyer that ordered by mistake? Am I suppose to deliver something he no longer wants?

Also, why is one refund worth -1% but one delivery isn’t worth +1%?

This is not acceptable.

-1% For Every Refund? Really?

Yikes! :woman_facepalming:t4:

Yeah, it royally sucks. Most Buyers aren’t aware of Fiverr’s policy so naturally, they don’t realize that we’re being penalized for cancels.

This is totally unfair, they can order and easily request a refund. Afterall the Buyer finding another brand name doesn’t justify a cxl. I don’t know when this madness will end.

I see why folks are so fed up, working on different platforms or closing up shop!

Interesting… A good Q to ask CS. :thinking:


This is a little math lesson:
60 orders, 59 completed orders and 1 cancellation, your completion rate is 59/60=0,9833
If you complete another order, your completion rate is 60/61=0,9836


I woke up to a new seller having ordered my gig by accident twice. Now my stats on order completion will fall to 90%, and in a few days when the orders fall off because I had an influx of orders 55 days ago, my stat will sink even lower. I tried to get them to help me, they just said:

“we won’t be able to cancel an order without affecting your statistics. We can totally understand your point however, all cancellations are factored into your account’s statistics. Even if the Buyer reaches out to Support, the cancellation would still be reflected, as we’re not able to manually remove it.”


As long as they can totally understand it, it´s all fine, isn´t it… keeping my fingers crossed that you´ll get enough orders to make up for other people´s mistakes before next SLD, Vickie. :four_leaf_clover: For you too, fastcopywriter. Really not fair.


So we should be allowed to post a notice on our gigs that no cancellations are allowed, even if the order is by mistake. We simply cannot accept them, obviously. It sounds to me like this is what fiverr wants. It is the only conclusion I can come to. I may ask customer support about this.

If sellers are being demoted for getting any cancellation no matter what, then we need to be able to refuse all of them.


Most Buyers don’t pay attention to terms of any kind.

I’ve seen Sellers stating no refunds etc. Obviously, it’s not foolproof, I just feel it’ll be a waste of :watch: time knowing they can easily go to CS with their gripe and get a cxl.


But at least we are protected if it is clearly stated, so we can refer to that if it happens.

Maybe CS would also refuse.


If you ask CS, let us know what they say.


If it was a few hours later, I would not accept the request. You set aside time to do it, adjusted your schedule for the buyer’s job, and have a right to refuse. It is not uncommon for professionals to go ahead and charge a fee for making an allowance in their time to complete an order, and even turn down other jobs due to a time limitation caused by an order.

Buyers need to be put on notice that sellers are not to be treated so inconsiderately.

In my case there are preparations and schedules to be made as soon as I get an order, so any order by mistake causes major problems.


Had a buyer deactivate their account, thus resulting in a cancellation for me, then come back on another account claiming they deactivated that account by accident and reordered. Then asked for the original delivery time to still be in effect despite having to reorder.

Contacted CS, and they pretty gave me the same cookie cutter “All orders are factored into your score, sorry”


We’re allowed to do that, but that would have the following consequences.

  1. Your orders die because buyers would think you’re doing this because you’re really bad
  2. Customer service cancels the order when the buyer complains

I do like your idea, which is why I want Fiverr to offer a no cancellation button in the gig editing section. If we can choose our price, our delivery times, etc, why not that?

That’s crazy. Why did he deactivated his account?

In your example, a delivery has more weight than a cancellation, but only by 0,0003.

But this is my experience.

10 orders, 1 refund = 90%
15 orders, 1 refund, 4 deliveries = 91%

Today I will try to deliver all my orders, all 5 of them, and I’ll let you know if my 89% turns into 90%.


You won’t get +1% !

If you deliver 5 orders:

I don’t know when the calculation is made. When you deliver the order ? When the order is marked “complete” ? When the money is cleared ?


Because they had two accounts. Which is not allowed. So she* wanted to deactivate it but deactivated the wrong one.


Was she also a seller on Fiverr? Thanks for explaining.


This seems to be a glitch in Fiverr system that might be too expensive to fix for them!


Probably when it is marked as complete.


I think the calculation is made when the order is marked as complete or when an order is refunded.

For example, yesterday I delivered 4 orders out of 5. My 89% has remained at 89%, I hope when these deliveries get marked complete it increases to 94%, I’ll be lucky if it rises to 90%.

CS told me this:

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I am sorry to hear about your experience. The Order Completion Rate you are currently seeing is the correct rate from the last 60 days. The rate includes all cancellations, including mutual cancellations.

I’ve included links to a few items that might be helpful in understanding this feature better:

We understand that there are some cancellations which cannot be avoided and are no fault of the seller. Currently, your analytics will continue to reflect all cancellations and in the near future, this may be updated.

Fraudulent orders are determined by our Fraud and Risk Teams and are not subject to be altered by Customer Support. Additionally, they will remain in your analytics.


This is the first ray of hope for this sorry situation I’ve heard.

I really can’t see a way to automate something like this that needs a human to take a look at it and make a decision about whether it should count or not. They need to hire a few people who do nothing but make decisions on whether a cancellation should count or not.


Sorry for your experience! If you do not have it on your profile, I think you should have it “Please contact me before you placed an order”.