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Lost 4 years of hardwork. All my gigs got denied

Hi friends,
My gigs are denied. Lost 4 years of hard work. Even though we are making funny videos. there is a lot of effort and hard work and in it. making people happy is not an easy thing. we have done that for past 4 years. Now we don’t know what to do.

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I’m so sorry to hear this.

It’s no consolation, but you’ve got good company:


Hey there, Funnyguys!

This is not a bug :beetle: so your post was moved to conversations. Fiverr is eradicating these gigs.
The link @offlinehelpers shared has quite a bit of info.

Also, an official word from Fiverr Staff


Sorry to hear that.
It’s a sad reality that those who make an effort and actually create something get cut off of their income, while despicable people who copy and paste other people’s content stay untouched for years.


Almost certainly. Sign holding is pretty innocent unless it’s used for that ^.

I’d like to see these sellers removed. The POSERS, false pretenders, the B.S. gaming the system tricksters, and celebrity and other people pics hijackers.


Ths thing is though, I am sure that if FunnyGuys set up their own website and sell from there, they will earn more money. This seems to be an obvious case of “putting all of your eggs in one basket”


You’re absolutely right! I live by this motto: of having multiple streams of income. People should wise up and create their own website, build their own brand aside from other side hustles. Nothing is guaranteed, all the hard work went down the drain.


This is what would make this place more professional.

For me it would be more likely to hire somebody who jumps in the air with my brand drawn on her/his bare butt than that I would hire any of those ‘I create 28.000 logo’s within an hour for $5,-’-gigs.


You make a good point. Fiverr obviously cracked down on these gigs due to the bad PR. But surely those scammers damage Fiverr’s rep more than some silly practical joke.

P.s. 28,000 logos in an hour. :joy:

Your nickname looks familiar. Are you the same guys that delivered the order to PewDiePie? The dancing thing? With the sign.

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Since this was already mentioned but had to be removed because of an image, I will confirm that these are the same sellers who did the gig for PDP. They did hold up a sign with a message that was deemed offensive. That’s all that really needs to be said about it on the forum, so I’m being clear to end any confusion over that part of the issue.


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