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Lost a lot of hair trying to come up with a new book cover design

Any creatives’ out there.

I’m looking for an idea for a book cover. I wanted the cover to resemble a plain brown paper parcel, that has a piece torn away to show a portion of the book inside. Does that make sense? Would that be a good cover for ‘adult’ themed books?

I also thought having it tied together with string would add to the effect! Does anyone still wrap there parcels this way?

Reply to @paulcardall218:

Hi Paul,

I think erotica sells best with when you think about the audience consuming it–which is mostly women. In my humble experience, I’ve found that erotica with shirtless males sells best. Take that for what it’s worth. Definitely give pixelstudio a try. You won’t be disappointed. I never have.

Thank you edwriter, much appreciated. Do you have a link, search didn’t reveal the seller…