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Lost All Gigs Ranking Suddenly

I don’t know if someone already faced this kind of issue, I have been very active since a few months, I was ranked higher with all my gigs, but in last week I lost all gigs ranking. At this moment all the gigs I saw at the last position of the last page.

During research, I found various facts about the drop of gigs ranking, but I have the following everything, even replying my clients in mid-night. But since last week, I have been not getting any order & also haven’t got a response on any gig, which is why I am here to ask you all, what I have to do to bring back my gigs ranking?

Also, referring snapshot & I am also on the way of Level 1, which will grant on the coming evaluation period.

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There are many different reasons for that.
It can be as “Out of the office” mode usage, as well as deliveries close to the deadline.
One of your buyers could send private comments about your work.
In general, such drop is directly connected with your performance (don’t look at green indicators because they don’t mean much lately).

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Thanks, @vovkaslovesnyy for the reply! I didn’t on “Out of the Office” mode since I joined Fiverr and I delivered each order within 12hrs, it’s only because services I offer are based on research. How I could know about private comments about my work, I didn’t hear about this, would you please let me know little about this?

I’m a regular user like you, so there’s no way to know the real reason.
Every time when you deliver your order, the buyer is able to write one review for you (it will be public) as well as to send private comments to Fiverr.
I don’t know exact questions because I didn’t buy anything for a while.

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Thanks for making it clear, I think someone who faced this kind of issue can address in right direction!

My gigs are on the last page since January and I tried all possible ways to return them to the front.
However, nothing changed yet.
I hope you can solve it soon.

Really is it happening with you too? Just saw, you have a great amount of orders and you’re also level one seller! Does promotion in Level increase a number of orders?

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For the last 2 months I work mostly with my previous customers. The number of new inquiries is very low.
To tell the truth, I don’t think that levels dramatically affect the number of orders.
You can find more information here:

I see, thanks for sharing the another post about same experience, it mean I don’t have to wait for better ranking even after I promoted as Level One Seller, well see what happen next, I will try to improve my gigs once more time & will try to get in touch with CS too.

Same here. Been months now, despite all stats being perfect. Can’t wait much longer before I have to move my services where they might be appreciated more.

@adsensewizard I think we have to contact CS in regards to this issue, maybe something we receive positive from CS.

Hi Guys i have the same issue like you @jeewatram but you are back on the top or? How long did you wait for this ?

Please note, it was curious time when I lost my all gigs ranking last year, there is no magic in terms of gigs ranking, I just became more active at Fiverr & after some time, I reached back on higher positions. Also yes, I improved my gigs description, image, packages, QA ETC.


@jeewatram How many days or weeks it took for you to get your ranking back after updating your profile and gigs?

I really don’t remember, but I just remember when I got an order & after completion of that, things came back on right track!

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Alright… thanks for the valuable information…

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