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Lost all my level and motivation too

Just lost all my level few days after i got my level 2 badge. Fiverr claim i violated TOS by providing direct payment.

The truth is the buyer that offer it and i just say i’ll try to find the way to do it without violating fiverr TOS, and its not happen till now anyway.

I contact cs but as expected i got copy paste response that tell me it can’t be undone and i have to work my ass off again to get the level back. So frustrated and have lost all my trust with fiverr. This is not the right way to treat the seller. Unacceptable!

I think my relationship with fiverr have to end now. Not worth it!

I will cancel all my gigs asap about $500 of them and call it a day. Don’t mind lost the money but not my principe and dignity. Bye bye fiverr!

You told a buyer that you would try to find a way to receive payment without going through Fiverr. There is no way to do that WITHOUT violating their TOS. No matter how you try to say it, you were negotiating a payment directly. Even discussing this is a violation. What makes you think differently?

Fiverr lost their trust in you, not the other way around. Only you are to blame for this. You should have told the buyer no and that it would be a violation of the TOS. Instead you said YES and you were caught.

Reply to @cheezees:

I not say YES but i just say TRY. Maybe that also considered wrong so be it. Maybe i should not discuss about it in the first place.

I know many seller doing this(provide direct payment outside fiverr) but they know the trick to do it the ‘right way’ and not caught. I just one of unlucky seller that have to face this. I have good experiences with fiverr and yes its a great platform to sell but the system is not quite seller friendly and the cs is horrible. Good luck to you and all other dedicated seller on fiverr.

Nevermind ive make up my mind.