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Lost all my messages......what happened to fiverr?

When I click on notification or message nothing is shown…what happened to fiverr???

Same here bro,

I think the servers are down. Hopefully Fiverr Team will fix it ASAP

Where is my massages. OMG I was in touch with buyers. Now I can’t

Anyone knows?

For me it’s working again.

I second that. Hope they solve it down asap.

Thank god…its working now :slight_smile:

This seems like a repeated bug… I can’t see my messages either and I need to contact a buyer…

i’m in negotiation with a potential buyer last night and today, all my message are gone… Wow…

Same here… how long does it take to resolve?

I feel your pain, because I’m in the same situation. Worse we live in totally different time zones.

I wish I could get the answer to that question too.

same bro