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Lost all traction since becoming a Lv 2 Seller


Hi, so, since I became a Lv 2 seller, instead of getting more work, I started getting no orders at all. It’s extremely frustrating, as if instead of being rewarded for being ‘a good seller’ (i guess?) I’m being punished. It’s really depressing, since I’ve been relying on fiverr for a year now, helping my parents with bills and stuff. I already contacted support but they just told me that they can’t do anything about it, which is true maybe, still, I’m just really sad.


Hey, what the issue actually that you reached support? I don’t understand. If you not getting any order, how can they help you? it’s totally depend on your Fiverr perform.


I contacted support because since it’s clearly an algorithm issue (getting from 2/3 orders per day to none right after achieving lv 2) maybe they could know something that I did not know, but that wasn’t the case. So yeah, it seems they can’t help me, sadly.



I am sorry you’re experiencing this. However, Fiverr doesn’t really guarantee its sellers more sales/exposure on being promoted to a higher level.

You could try stepping up your marketing/advertising game and also applying to a few BRs to get the ball rolling again. :slight_smile:


Do not be saddened
Be patient
You have completed the 2 weeks order
So you will be ordered in the future
Promote your gig in an advertising media network to find a good market
You’ll be successful in the future
Do not be disheartened


Thanks a lot! I’ll try and do that! :slight_smile:


Many thanks! I’ll have to be patient then :slight_smile:


Okay, we don’t know actually that is, but you can try to promoting your gig. Hoping it will be normal again :thinking:


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Congratulations on earning level 2! Sorry to hear your orders have dropped. I’m sure that’s not what you were expecting.

It could very well be due to the algorithm. To check that, I suggest having a look at your analytics. If your impressions have gone down significantly, that means less people are seeing your gigs in search results. You could try making changes to your gigs, adding a new gig, applying for buyers’ requests, or promoting yourself on social media.

If the problem isn’t impressions but rather clicks or conversions, it could be because Level 2 sellers appeal to different buyers than Level 1 sellers do. I think buyers who look for Level 1 sellers are looking for a balance between price and quality, whereas when buyers look for Level 2 sellers, they may be more focused on quality, and they may expect to pay a bit more for that quality. You may find that playing around with your prices and offerings, as well as the way you brand yourself, will help. Good luck!


Thanks a lot!!! This might be the answer! I’ll try to change some things in my profile/gigs and I’ll see how it goes :slight_smile: