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Lost both levels, gutted


So just received 2 separate emails within the space of 30 seconds saying that I lost my level 2 badge AND my level 1 badge. How gutted am I.

I have had NO cancelled orders and NO negative feedback at all, and I have still had daily orders to complete. Obviously this makes me think that this is totally undeserved, but who knows.

I have contacted customer service to question this, because although I could accept going to level 1 maybe due to a lack of orders, but losing level 1 as well is just ridiculous.

Has anyone else had this experience and did it get corrected, what was the outcome after contacting customer service? I ask because I know I will be waiting ages for a reply from CS.

Also, after a quick forum search I noticed that someone else has had this problem and Fiverr said it was a glitxh on their side. I am really hoping this is the case.


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Reply to @vedmak: Aye, no idea why it’s happened. Shame I’m gonna have to wait at least a week for a reply; which may well affect my orders.


This is probably the I LOST BOTH MY LEVELS FOR NO REASON glitch. It’s been seen here many times over the last few weeks. The extras do disappear, but if you have no negatives, it’s the Glitch and CS will restore you when they get to it … which, unfortunately can now take up to five days. I wouldn’t be too upset until they tell you it’s for real.


Yeah here’s hoping. The extras have indeed disappeared so just got to wait for a reply now.

Just annoying that it will potentially affect my orders for the coming week.


Reply to @rossonomous: They’re definitely having some serious growing pains at Fiverr management. Their automated algorithms from everything from Levels to Search to Featuring seem to be on some kind of serious fritz.

It’s irritating, I’m sure, but hang in there and don’t panic until the panic needs to be panicked. :smiley:


Yes, I lost both my levels at the same time as well.

When I contacted customer service, someone named Jay replied to me and he was very snarky and vague in his response. He said customer service could NOT restore my levels, which is patently untrue since they’ve done so for others. He also blamed my account activity, saying that it was due to the fact that I’d had two cancellations in one week. They were MUTUAL cancellations because, in both instances, the client had purchased the wrong gig and/or was asking for FAR more work than the gig included.

One was for my voice-over gig which is for 30 seconds of recorded dialogue (the client sent over an 8-minute script and acknowledged it was because he didn’t have the money to purchase the full 8 minutes). The other was for me installing 3 WordPress plugins; the client admitted he also wanted me to do a complete installation of WordPress as well as five plugins and a theme and agreed to cancel when I declined.

“Jay” acknowledged that the best thing to do within the context of the TOS was to have mutually canceled these gigs “rather than have an unhappy client,” but still refused to reinstate my levels, saying that if I had enough completed gigs, that would restore them. I’ve had well over a dozen completed since then, and still don’t even have a Level One again. Sucks.


Reply to @netgirlfriday: Wow, that’s awful.

I will be mad if I get that same kind of response and certainly will not stand down. I hope you have made further contacts to get this sorted out in your case?

They can’t even pin anything like that on me because I have not received any cancellations/negatives.

Will be interesting to see the response I get.


Reply to @rossonomous:

The rudeness and snideness in the response was really off the chain and I have considered complaining about “Jay’s” attitude. I kept saying, right, I get that I was automatically flagged, but what was I supposed to DO, if not cancel the gig? Should I have done 16 times the amount of work the gig specifies to keep my level? And he kept repeating the same thing over and over and talking in circles. It was very belittling and I just sort of gave up. I still don’t know the answer of “What was I actually supposed to do?” If I’m going by Jay’s response from CS, I’m supposed to mutually cancel it and live with the fact that being randomly and unsolicitedly targeted by a fraudulent buyer means I automatically lose my levels and there is nothing I can do about it. I was literally penalized for doing the right thing. Nice system.


Lost my level 2 status a week ago …

Checked my sales, had around 47 in last 60 days …

Today back to level 2 again…

Dunno if it is glitch or I didn’t meet the specs …

but happy to come back to level 2.


Reply to @allmyposts: How do you know you’re level 2? Does it just take some time for the system to catch up - 'cause you’re only displaying as a cow here.


Reply to @itsyourthing: It takes a while for the badge to show on the forum - not really sure why there’s a delay though…maybe because it’s a subdirectory instead of just another page?


Reply to @netgirlfriday: Outrageous, honestly is. I really do feel for you and the way he has gone round in circles reminds me of a recent support agent from 02 I had to speak to.

Thankfully, orders have not slowed for me just yet, but I’m still very unhappy.

@itsyourthing: Another one of those small bugs that Fiverr still has to deal with it would appear.


Well, my badge on the forums has been reinstated, god knows if this was done manually or it just happened automatically.

Just waiting for it on the main site now.


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Reply to @vedmak: my forum badges went same day as main site but have now reappeared.


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Reply to @vedmak: Back to level 0 on both forum and Fiverr main site again.

Still no response.