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Lost customer activity, has anyone encountered this?

Hello everyone! I created my profile in January 2020, a week later I received my first order and after some time I reached 2-4 orders every week. Earnings were stable, reviews were good, my best gig was on the first page in the search for “family portrait”, orders became more and more.But then, in mid-may, when the “We’re working on getting your Gigs” error appeared, the orders completely disappeared (except for one ordered by a regular customer). The gig was on the last page in the search.
Was it due to a mistake made by the Fiverr, did I do something wrong, or for what reason could it have happened? Has anyone encountered this?
I’m a little upset. Thank you for reading to the end!

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I am working since years, my gig was also ranked on first page. In the mid of the may it get disappeared for 2 weeks but got automatically fixed after 2 weeks at the start of the June but after the 1 or 2 first weeks of June the gig has been de-ranked on last pages. I was doing good work and the cancellations were also normal as compare to previous months but the thing which is happening nowadays never happened to me for this much long time. I hardly get a new client’s message nowadays.

I talked to CS about this but their answer was general that gigs keep shuffling etc. Earlier whenever I did search my gig with my complete title it got show on in first place in the search results of my title but nowadays if I search my gig with my full title and putting all the “category”, “online”, and “seller level” filter, even then my gig shows in the very last pages of the results against my gig’s title search.

I am so worried now a days but I am not going to make any big changes like in tags etc. I am unable to understand what should I do, I am frustrated. But I think the best is to stay calm and just wait for the best days. I think something is going abnormal with the system, maybe due to the new features (promoted ads) which they are testing nowadays.

One new thing which I noticed today was that the keywords on which my gig was ranked, I searched that today again before doing that title search about which I told above, and I noticed that there was a gig of one of my competitor that was shown on the same page where was my gig in the results of the title of my gig. His gig was also ranked with me earlier on first page but now his gig was also not on the first page of that keyword.

Its just complex! But I guess, something is wrong with the system nowadays!

I am sad that this happened to you! I really hope this is temporary and will soon fall into place! Working with the Fiverrr was great, and it’s a pity that things are going very badly at the moment.

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