Lost Express due to Client Request for Modification


I deliver all my gigs within the express 24 hour period, but due to time differences, etc. once a client requests a modification, Fiverr doesn’t care when the actual order was delivered. They can wait 2.5 days, request a modification, then when you deliver, according to Fiverr, you delivered the gig late and now you lose your express status. Anyone else have this happen to them?


I didn’t have this exact same thing happen. I did have Fiverr.com cancel the order after I worked for days to try to get the customer the modification they requested. :bz


Yeah, I’ve had that issue as well. In this case, a client wanted a script revised and waiting a day to ask for it. I delivered the revision in under 2 hours from his request, but according to Fiverr customer service, instead of the delivery being in 17 hours, it was a day late. So, they removed my express status on the gig.