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Lost Gig Ranking For Editing Gig

Hope all fine!

Some days ago my one has first page but this gig has low impression that’s why i edit my gig and change thumbnail…and Now i am no getting my gig on first page even last 10 page.

so what can i do now?
1.can i delete this gig and make some gig …and do working ?
2.i will do continue sharing gig on social media
or etc

thanks in advance


When you edit your gig, it disappears for up to 48 hours. :ghost:

When it returns, it may not be in its previous position. Also, Fiverr seems to rotate gig’s positions, so different sellers get their gigs on the first page. :1st_place_medal:


Is that so, I think my gig has remained on the third page for a while. I really wish it would improve

my GIG came to page-1 last year for 2 months, and I earned 3 times I do now a days… but after that, for no reason that i understand, it went down to page-4, it stays there mostly now :slight_smile:

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Also, Same here :roll_eyes::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:

So , How can i do Now?

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Mr olu. Great to meet you here. I’m temitope. Direct traffic to your gig through facebook group. You can use an auto poster for gig advert. This will improve your ranking

Thanks for the offer. That’s a good one. How do I start?


Read, Read, Read Read and simply apply what you are learning.


I’m sorry I don’t understand you. You suggested I could promote my gig through auto-posting. SO how do I get that done?

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