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Lost Gig rankings suddenly?

Hi Guys!

Are you a longstanding seller who lost his/her Gig rankings suddenly? Like, drastic drop in last 2 months? I experienced the same and could fortunately come out of it!

Ok, so here’s what happened…

I have just one Gig in my account for ‘editing Squarespace Websites’. It was previously ranking well in the first three rows for the keyword ‘Squarespace’. But about 2 months back there was a sudden and a drastic drop in it’s rankings…like literally thrown away to the 4th page and struck there! No matter what I do I could not bring back it’s rankings.

And then a few days back noticed something: I categorized my Gig to ‘Graphics & Design > Web & Mobile Design > Graphic UI’ but noticed that the Gigs that were ranking well for ‘Squarespace’ were categorized to ‘Programming & Tech > Website Builders & CMS’ and were further specified as belonging to ‘Squarespace’ platform. I did the same and then… viola!.. the Gig literally JUMPED from 4th page to 1st and stayed there.

So what happened? I’m not sure. My pet theory is that Fiverr seems to have made some major updates with regards to how to ranks the gigs… that’s why we see a lot more shuffling between gigs… and also made changes on how it sees gigs ‘relevant’ for a keyword. Categorization, meta tags & meta information appears to be lot more important now.

So if lost Gig rankings in the recent months, my advise would be:

  1. Check if the Gigs are categorized properly and have added accurate meta tags and information.

  2. One of my associates suggested to add ‘packages’. My gig was wasn’t suitable for packages, you may give a try.

  3. If these doesn’t work, meanwhile, you can start with new Gigs with an expectation to get visitors. A Level 2 sellers can have 22 gigs (I think).

Hope this helps!



A problem with creating new gigs is that I keep running out of ideas for them. The fiverr marketplace is so flooded that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a niche that isn’t already overcrowded. It’s also not helpful when all the gigs on front page of search all have the perfect gigs - with SEO optimised descriptions, right keywords, correct category etc.

On an optimistic note, I did find re-categorising my gig to be helpful in getting back to the search results.

Nice to know your Gig rankings improved after re-categorization. That’s precisely what I was trying to tell! :slight_smile:

Now with regards to New Gigs, yes it’s lot more difficult to start with a new Gigs but the numbers can add up and the key is to ‘stand out’ in an overcrowded marketplace - be it in presentation, quality service or timely deliveries.

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Thanks to the moderation for pinning this thread. :hugging:

Posted a message on another discussion that may be useful in the context of this one:

For someone interested in surviving such a downturn -

I would suggest something that helped me to stay afloat. Let’s call it PLAN C:

… and it is simply Start New Gigs!

A level 2 seller can have as many as 22 Gigs. So if you lose Gig rankings, delete all Gigs except top 3 and then begin adding one new Gig everyday. On the 20th day once again delete all gigs except top 3 and do so ad infinitum till you start getting orders and get established in Fiverr business once again.

As far as I know this is not against Fiverr’s TOS and takes advantage of the fact that Newly arrived gigs get a short uplift in Gig rankings. It’s hardwork for sure; but something is better than nothing!


That is very smart and an original idea. Wonder what others have to say about that? Calling @eoinfinnegan , @misscrystal and the rest of the gang.


It is and definitely helped me!

However, It’s important to emphasize: I didn’t mean one should spam Fiverr ecosystem by putting same Gig 22 times. We can use creative ways to give different ‘spins’ to the same service… if not and ran out of ideas, we can simply stop and repeat the process at say 12 Gigs.

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I’m not a big fan of the idea, I think it is a little manipulative of the system but I don’t believe it is against the rules as such.
I believe that the “Newbie boost” should be for newbies and that when your boost is finished you should be able to stand on your own feet rather than relying on Fiverr constantly. That’s just me though…

Edit: However, if you are doing something which is “unproven” on Fiverr, or is unique, it may be that it simply does not take off or have a market here. In this case, I would definitely suggest editing, pausing or deleting it and trying SOMETHING ELSE or something similar but with a twist etc.


I agree, the strategy can get manipulative.

But that is not what I had in mind. May be, I wasn’t sufficiently clear about it’s purpose and working:

[Long post ahead]

I didn’t mean one should ‘recycle’ old Gigs into new, hoping this would momentarily improve visibility. Effectively, this is artificially boosting rankings of the same Gig with an ‘Delete & Add’ act. Of course, this is manipulation and any seller who does it, beyond being dishonest, is wasting his time: Your new Gig is as bad as the old one and the tiny bit of “New Arrival” boost will not help it much.

What I meant was: Start a one new Gig everyday - differently and with a bit more creativity and innovation, be it in Gig Titles/images/description/packages/metatags/pricing or different niches - and do this ad infinitum until you get (re)established in business. If you observe closely, I said “Delete all extra Gigs on 20th day and start afresh”. This is because on 20th day you would have forgotten most of the Gigs added and having deleted them you don’t even get ‘inspired’. At this point the new Gigs are bound to be different and experimenting.

So how should this help sellers? I can see two scenarios:

1. For downranked sellers: It is clear no one beyond the core Fiverr editorial team knows how Search algorithm precisely works. So, if your Gig got downranked, maybe you can start adding new Gigs like above? Some of them - with different keywords/metatags/categorizations - may inadvertently align themselves with search algorithm? Or maybe you’ll figure out a way rank you gig back again?This precisely is what happened to me: When adding new Gigs I realized, my primary Gig can be re-categorized for better visibility - and when I did, it happened! Jumped from 4th page to 1st.

2. For newbie sellers: There is a constant whining and complaining form new sellers about not getting orders. But when you look into their profiles - beyond bad profile & gig - all they have is some two measly Gigs. One wonders what they wouldn’t add more. Why cant’ they add one new Gig everyday exploring a good range of niches, market segments, Gig presentation style and offerings? Of course, you can’t have as may Gig ideas - but the variations need not be in ideas alone but in executions as well - like in Gig descriptions, offerings and more. If someone attempts this, they experiment with as many as 180 Gigs in six months. Surely, it’s easier said than done and is hell lot of hardwork and discipline for almost nothing! But at least you have not reason to complain Fiverr isn’t helping you - and I think this is the second best way to be proactive on Fiverr after Buyer Requests.

This point 2 is why posted the message on the other thread about “Contingency Plan”. If a new seller can establish himself in six months can’t a downranked one re-establish too? Tough, may/may-not work… but better than closing business altogether, isn’t it? A PLAN C, this method can be.

Having said this, I definitely agree how this can be abused and have doubt’s about it’s long term viability. Fiverr can simply restrict the practice in TOS if it deems unfit to the marketplatce; but I would rather put my money on that ‘no one will use this method in the first place’.

The thing is: if it helps someone now, it helps someone now. That’s all.

Whew! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for explaining more clearly, I like this approach in some ways but in others it may have problems.
I remember when I started, there were some things I offered which just never got much attention so I removed them. Later on, I repackaged them, changed what I offered (not the niche, just the specific offer) and they have done well. How you offer a gig can make a huge difference.

However, I would always advise sellers to stick to the services/niches that they know about, that they have ability in. There is no point in me getting a graphic design order as I have no idea how to do it well so I would just get a cancellation or 1 star review. Trying new things is good but you should always be able to do what you offer well.

In the end, trying ANYTHING is a better approach than just sitting starting at the screen or moaning on the forum.


Hi Ghemachandar !
Thanks for your advice. Just a week ago my Fb business page gig was in the top of 1st page. But suddenly it was disappeared from 1-5 pages, i dont know where is it right now.
According your experience i will try now to come back.


QH Jilani.

tried everything but the gig is not showing. can anyone suggest other way. Frustrated I am !