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Lost gigs impression after edit


I have a gig in wordpress category. Before editing, the gig is getting impressions, clicks, views and orders as well. but when i added 2 packages. the impression dropped suddenly. how can i improve it again? what is the problem?


@wordpresskiller did you save it ?

its impossible…


Yes. i edit it twice. after two days i see huge impression dropped


before its ranked on first page of keyword. but now i didn’t see my gig anywhere


are you sure you just only added the packages and changed nothing else?


I just added two lines on description as well. before that it was on first page of search


It takes at least 48 hours for your gig to appear in its usual place after you modify it. :wink:


You didn’t save it so therefore your impressions are go down…


I don’t know it’s possible or not but it also happened with me. And after a week, impression was increased.