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Lost in the sea of text



I am a wedding and portrait photographer and provide culling and post-production services to photographers. I am new on this site and the problem is I am using Fiverr for almost a month I am missing many important things due to which I am unable to get any client.

When i come on forums there is text text text everywhere lot of new things lot of new folks dont know what to read what to follow I am just feeling lost in this community and if i make a new gig and try to find it in the marketplace I am unable to find it in sea of gigs. how do i know potential clients will find my gig and will contact me. My first gig got very few impressions in a couple of days me be less than 10 or so then i paused it and made a second one that gig got only 60 impressions and 4 views in a month.

please help me make better gigs.

Thank you.


Hi and welcome.
I fear the forum as it is now can really look daunting at first. Before the recent migration to a new platform, it was buggy but less overwhelming.
You’ll need to wade through quite some text, but the more often you visit, the quicker you’ll be able to figure out, what to read and what not. :slight_smile:

One tip: figure out, which forum categories aren’t useful or interesting for you for now and block them=from sea to pond of text. @djgodknows has posted an instruction how to do it:

For selling gigs - you know about the ‘Buyer Requests’ section? If not, you’ll find it when you hover your icon on main site, go Selling > Buyer Requests. Some buyers post jobs there and you can then send an offer (limited to 10/day). Sellers post there too, but that’s not allowed, and with good (enough) English it’s easy to identify those, just ignore them/click ‘remove’.


@miiila you are a life saver now this is the text which i definitely want to read thank you for your kindness and if i ever visit Germany I will throw you a free portrait session.


To narrow down your task -

  1. Go to the ‘Tips for Sellers’ category.
  2. Look at the number of replies on the right.
  3. Open the topics with the number in bronze/gold colour. (These are the ones with the highest engagements.)
  4. Have a quick look at the OP, if it contains anything you read before, ignore it and go to the next topic.
  5. Don’t go for any topic which is more than 6-8 months old.
  6. Use Google to find out the basic stuffs, read the pages in the 1st and 2nd page search results.

This way you can get to the track on the sea of text. Extra tip : Don’t try to go from earth to saturn in 1 day. :wink:


@taverr bro thank you for the tips same thing goes for you my friend if i ever visited India ( which i surely want to) will do a co-corporate portrait for you.



And if you see a lot of “Good tips!”, “Helpful tips” and similar replies in those topics, as you certainly will, just scroll down those posts as fast as you can, and see if there are replies that actually contribute to the discussion (there usually are, but can be hard to find due to “Good tips!” posts made by sellers who believe that it will bring them sales).