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Lost Level 2 Due to Last Minute Analytics Change (Looking to move on from Fiverr)


I had a buyer who requested a custom Intro 2 weeks ago who placed an order without and prior discussion regarding price or if his request is achievable he placed and order and since if i cancelled i will lose my level i did my best with whatever budget he gave anyway.

Long story short after a week of me sending the work without any response he came online and left 1 star, checked my analytics and it seems like my rating is still at 4.8 which is on the mark, today i found out that my stats changed to 4.7 and i got demoted.

How is this any fair?


Its happen some time !! I can feel this … i suggest you to Dont give up !!


I had a similar email this morning, all my stats are fine except order completetion that fell below 90% This was due to a mutual cancellation because of tech problems at both ends and one order made but no details followed despite several requests.Been with fiverr since the beginning so to say I’m pissed off would be an understatement. Also the little reminder that I should respond quicker than my 2 hrs… difficult with all the different time zones involved.


You will get it back soon, just make sure your metrics are not on the edge. It’s a fair system, knowing the rules. TRS is a different kind of animal, no one knows how to…


The same thing happened to me twice in a row and I’m a new seller again! What can I say? :zipper_mouth_face:


The same thing happen to my ID, yesterday on 14 May my on time delivery status was restored to 90% from 88% and checked at again at night and it was still at 90% but today morning it was on 89% and my ID is demoted to Level 1. I can’t understand what happened with in few hours. I am sure no order was late in these days, I am thinking to find any other platform to work because things are not transparent here.


Agreed 100%. And the new level system is a way to get rid of some sellers…‘Things are not transparent here’!


Fair is a point of view, but either way, as long as you still get enough orders and get paid enough that it´s worth it, why not just ignore the level.