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Lost Level 2 status, due to messages and orders often not showing on my dashboard?


I was extremely proud to be a Level 2 seller, but over the last few months, people have been sending me messages and they don’t show on my dashboard, so the system thinks I am not replying, but the truth is, I don’t see the messages! Also some orders don’t show in the “Dashboard”, I sometimes go into “orders” and see theres an order there that is late. I sometimes get no notifications for messages and orders, so unless I physically go into the Inbox or the orders page, I don’t see them. This has caused my “Reply” ratio to go low, and I have lost my level 2 status. Also, when I was making sure I replied to every inbox message, the ratio was not improving - I only get about 5 messages per month.

My question is, I use Opera as a browser, would you recommend using a different browser? Does the Fiverr dashboard not work well in Opera?

All of this started happening when the Dashboard design changed earlier this year.

Could someone please advise?


Chrome usually seems to be the recommended browser. :sunny:

Thanks - I would love to know if anyone else has these problems using Opera? I’m displeased that a lot of orders and messages don’t show in my dashboard.

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Hi there, yes Chrome is the recommended browser, but Fiverr, as nearly every website, works also well with all other browsers, Opera included, for sure. These “incompatibilities” are “something from the past”.
And question: Why don´t you use the app on your mobile, and read the emails you receive from Fiverr, to triple check ? :slight_smile:

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Fiver recommend to use Chrome as Internet browser

Things are good with Firefox as well. But there is a huge delay in notification on the Android app. I get emails faster than Fiverr notification :slight_smile:.

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