Lost level 2((((((((((((


I was a level 2 user, but unfortunately by a mistake I lost my reputation. Now How did I get my Levels/extras back ??? At all, there was someone in this situation? :(( :-w


for level two - complete 50 orders sucessfully in 60 days


I looked at your gigs and the reason you received negative feedback is because you failed to deliver on time. So what I suggest is if you find yourself not being able to deliver in the amount of time you have alloted then extend your gig delivery time.


tn5rr2012 This is not the problem… Now How did I get my Levels/extras back ?? there was someone in this situation?


I also lost lvl 1


You would need to do what it takes to deliver on time. If you have to, increase your delivery day number to one that is comfortable and that you can deliver on time. You won’t get back your levels until you prove to Fiverr that you can deliver on time.


It’s easy to get your levels back - Just contact support. They will say “over time” So there you have it, over time (and Lord only knows how long that ‘time’ will be) you will get back your levels. See, easy!


I lost 2 levels at once at got them back in less than 2 days. I forgot to suspend my gigs last time I went on vacation and missed 2 orders completely. Never saw them, Never delivered. Came back from vacation seeing I was demoted from lvl2 to a sheep. One of the gigs I missed was someone I had delivered several previous gigs to. I apologized, explained the situation and they re-ordered and removed the negative feedback. I’m not sure how Fiverr was calculating the ratios or if the Fiverr gods were smiling on me but my LVL2 was restored the next day.

Have you considered offering the negative feedback buyer a free or discounted service in exchange for removing the negative feedback? Saying something like I really try to make all my customers happy so is there something I can do to fix this. If they remove the feedback you should get your rating back.