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Lost level batch

Hi Everybody,

Thx. I lost my level 2 badge yesterday, I guess it’s for cancelling a lot of orders at a time!!! I don’t have any level now! But the most important matter is that I already have completed 10 new orders today after the tragedy! Would I have to wait 30 days to recover level 1 & 60 days for level 2 ???

Please help me by posting the appropriate answer here. Thanks.

I can’t say for sure that it’s a glitch, but I lost my L2 badge yesterday, too. I sent Support an email and they remedied the situation within a couple of hours. Cancellations no longer affect Sellers the way they used to, so perhaps you could reach out to the team and see what they have to say about your account.

Best of luck!

Ya you should so get it back soon,I seen this happen before,But your at 100% so just message them

Thanks youtubefun for the reply. Should I contact with CS now or wait for a few days? Please guide. Thanks.