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Lost level one seller status due to a direct payment

So, I used to have a gig that I would skype a person for $5. But it started to get out of hand with too many perverts trying to do inappropriate things. But anyways, I accident;y turned the gig back on one day. and this buyer had accused me of not skyping him but I swear I did. There isn’t any proof anymore though because I deleted my skype account due to all of the pervs. He continually threatened me to refund him his money, that it was considered stealing and he was going to report me to the authorities (police.) So I had no other choice than to refund him cause he wouldn’t stop. On top of all of this I’m not of age yet. So of course I was scared, and I did what he asked because he was intimidating. Today I get on fiverr and I got an account warning that i did the direct payment and I lost my level one seller status. That isn’t that big of a deal, but it was a scary expericence.

Any Type of Personal Outside Discussion Regarding Payment or Anything is Strictly Prohibited. No one share any information here, its against of fiverr TOS.

Just remember to send all refunds through Fiverr. That’s done by cancelling an order, even it’s marked complete. As long as the funds haven’t cleared then it’s still possible. If funds have already cleared then just tell him that he waited waaaay too long to ask and he’s outta luck. The worst he can do is leave a bad review. Police? Seriously, for $5? I think you’re safe.

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Thank you guys for all the support and help, I’ve had the gig turned off for a month now. Idk, I was just scared cause he was very intimidating. But I will learn from this, and not do anything like that again! My hands were shaking and everything, it was crazy. Haha, but no more skype for me!

Not of age? Then aren’t you too young to sell on Fiverr? I was under the impression that there is a minimum age.

From now on, you should contact Customer Support if any buyer contacts you asking for payment like that. Never communicate directly with them and never give them your paypal or funding information. I suggest you make sure to change your paypal passwords and any other simple things you can do to protect your identity.

What do you mean you are not of age? Of age to do what?

Oh yes…the buyer is always the crazy one…this gal is under age? For paypal ? for Fiverr? what?

Having a gig to talk with someone over skype was a little weird for a underage girl anyway. Try not doing stuff that involves you communicating with people like that outside of fiverr. It is a scary world out there and you never want to get involved in the wrong things. Stay safe on here and on the web. There are a lot of crazy people out there!! Best wishes and please be safe.

Reply to @vaughnonmovies: Minimum age is 13.

Reply to @catwriter: for paypal or payoneer? You have to be over 18 to have a paypal account or have assistance from a parent.

Reply to @sincere18: 13 is the minimum age for Fiverr.

Reply to @estymcmahon: There are tons of stories on Fiverr about “crazy” sellers, sellers that misrepresent themselves, sellers that can’t or don’t delivery properly, etc. No one on this whole forum has tried to say there aren’t any bad sellers but that all buyers are crazy or bad. You are just so deep in your own head that your goal in life seems to have become a vendetta because one seller did you wrong. I’m going to write you a longer reply and really try to get something across to you in hopes it will get through.

I’m a buyer and seller. I dislike bad sellers as much as the next person. I don’t want to buy from one and I don’t like the way they make good sellers look. So far I’ve been OK overall because I check sellers out carefully. I’ve only had to cancel 2-3 times on a purchase and those were all because of late deliveries. My buyers have mostly been magnificent and I’d work for them again anytime. I’ve had less than 5 buyers that caused me enough problems to matter. I’ve had to cancel less than 10 sales and most of those were because the buyer didn’t read the gig or clicked the order button by accident.

A couple of buyers have been nightmarish, especially because they refused to cancel. One had me re-writer her article that was in poor English and when it was done, she re-wrote it herself and made significant changes on the original. Then she wanted me to re-write it again to correct her English. It against my modification policy, but I did it anyway to make her happy. She then decided she wanted pictures added free and a bunch of strange Word formatting. I told her I just did not have time with my other orders in queue but she wouldn’t accept a cancellation. This was all over $5. I didn’t tell that story to say that all buyers are bad - in fact it was a rare thing for me. It’s just that there are good and bad apples on both sides. Maybe it’s time to let it go.

Finally, I don’t know what the OP in this post means by “of age” but my guess is her buyer wanted her to engage in adult services by Skype. She’s allowed on Fiverr if she’s over 13, but she obviously got in over her head. It’s a shame and probably taught her a lesson. We’re all human on this site, though and stuff happens. You either stay and manage it or you leave. Can’t you let this “vigilante justice by forum” thing go now?

Um back to the 13 year old girl skyping with what seems to be adults for money…WTF!!! this cant be real right there are absolutely ZERO reasons for a 13 year old girl to be on ■■■■■ with anyone for money. And I know this was 5 years ago but it was still top 3 on google when I searched about direct payments on Fiverr and apparently this creepy story explains the legality of direct payments on Fiverr best smh

She didn’t say she was 13.

thats actually a really good point she didn’t, just that she was underage which is 17 and under I guess. Still kinda concerning what kind of fiverr gigs are for skyping it just sounds rather scandalous unless she was helping a blind person organize their wallet which still doesnt make sense cause then fiverr would be pretty hard for the blind person to navigate.