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Lost my available now because of a time waster

This person keeps asking me to do work for free - saying my profile is fake and I must prove myself. So I explained to him how Fiverr works. Then he said he was going elsewhere. Then he came back and said sorry could I give a mock up. I did that . Then he came back and said he wanted more free work. I said no he needs to purchase a gig as that would take hours. He was rude and because I didn’t respond to his long rude conversations quick enough I’ve lost my available now button for a month.
Surely if the person has been reported as a time waster and they didn’t want to purchase a gig Fiverr should give us the button back? I reported and blocked him now so he can’t mess me about again. How do you guys deal with people trying to get free work on available now? Thanks.


Just say “no”, and leave it at that. Buyers do not deserve free work. By doing even a little bit of work for free, they know that they can take advantage of you for more free work, and you end up in a situation like this. Just say no.


Thanks for the advice.

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Never accept a request to carry out free work. It leads to situations like this. Not even mock ups.

You have blocked the buyer, which is a good thing. Value your time in future and build a better business because of it. Good luck!