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Lost my confidence in Fiverr

I submitted a “Contact Me” to let the seller know my requirements. We started the conversation, and days have gone by with no response. I wish there was a way to thumbs-down this type of behavior on Fiverr. Until an order is placed, there appear to be no TOS expectations.
Sellers apparently are exempt from expectations until such time as an order has been placed. These back and forth’s take time.

Trust me, that’s usually how sales of any kind goes.

I know this because I sold advertising 30+ years.

I spent far too many trips to clients places of business where they would say they loved the idea but, “come see me next Tuesday and we’ll work out the details” only to discover that next trip was a waste as the client was either not there or “forgot” about our meeting.

Dealing with customers (Buyers) on Fiverr is the same thing.

A lot of people are not cut out for the back-and-forth without seeing a commitment.

Rest assured that what you are experiencing is not exclusive to Fiverr.


Here though, I am the “buyer”. If the seller doesn’t want to take the job, fine, tell me. Don’t have me do screen shots and samples, and then just ghost me. And Fiverr has no process to handle this, since an order hasn’t been placed. Basically, buyers’ time isn’t valuable to Fiverr until they’ve hit that ORDER button.

Got it.

For some reason I thought you were the Seller.

My apologies for misreading that.

I see what you mean.

It has to be frustrating on your side.

I think I’d just assume the Seller is not prepared to take on the job and move on to another Seller.

You have to almost put a time limit on how long you will give someone to respond.

For me, if I don’t hear back in 24-hours, I move on.

I am both a Seller and Buyer on Fiverr.

It doesn’t necessarily get better once an order is placed. I use the Contact Me to iron out specs before placing an order. The majority of deliveries I’ve taken didn’t have any updates from the seller until the due date when the first draft arrived. Maybe a quarter of the orders have had the seller put in a dispute to push the due date because they didn’t calculate finals, were sick, are having computer problems, etc.

Fiverr jobs are side gigs, they’re going to get side-gig priority in a person’s life.

I’ve found I’ve needed to pivot my approach in a few ways since really starting to place orders. When I began I thought I was going to be able to start, process, and finish projects one at a time and release once a month. But with the unexpected delays, it seems I need to have every project active and then ship whatever happens to finish first. I might instead end up shipping ten things in one month ten months from now.

I also find I can’t really just build up a relationship and rely on a small group over the long term. A seller might go on some kind of hiatus and stop taking orders for a month. A seller might suddenly increase their price after getting a few reviews from me and they put themselves way outside my budget. I have to be constantly digging through search and paying out tasks to see what new people can do. It’s like company churn, but keeping people happy counts for nothing. It’s like every price on the site is just a teaser rate until they get four more reviews.

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Not entirely true.

You can click or tap on the report button/tag at the top of message, choose other, and explain your concern. They will take care of the rest. It’s not like there is no process at all.

P.S. Alas! Not all sellers are the same. My problem is people not contacting me beforehand.


It’s always interesting to see buyers on the forum and see their point of view.

That is totally fine for most of the tasks.

That is not fine.
However it does sound like a problems that would happen when you are choosing low budget gigs.
If it’s something in the range of 5-50$ then any job most likely will be lower than a market rate and it’s tough to find responsible and professional sellers within that bracket.
I don’t say it’s imposible, but it is tough to find those “gems” and as you noticed they do underprice themselves for a first couple of orders and put their prices to a more reasonable range once they have a couple of reviews.


Yes, I’m basically just using the $5 level exclusively at the moment.

My process right now is to ask people if they’re interested in doing a piece inspired by various two or three lines blurbs of text, and give the technical size/print spec. I’ve accepted either the first draft as-is, or second drafts with changes to only quantities of existing elements (more of X, remove Y) or changes to hue/contrast of existing elements. The one time I wanted a different design, I blamed my spec, accepted the delivery, and did a new one with revised spec. I’m trying to be a keep the effort for the artists low by not giving taxing revision request, in hopes I don’t get cut off and can keep getting the prices I do.

I have very little leeway in my budget. Two thirds of the books on the store I’ll be using sell less than 100 copies, the price tolerance seems to hang around $5 for a 20 page book, and the store takes half the payment. For this project, I don’t have reasonably have the option of moving up to $50+ per page. I’m gambling that my writing/themes can make the books profitable despite taking a potential loss on the art. The effort to receive 20 usable landscape pieces over the past week has thus far resulted in scouting and negotiation efforts of:

  • 2 artists have not yet responded.
  • 3 artist declined saying they believed they weren’t skilled enough.
  • 1 artist became unavailable for an extended period midway through the negotiation phase. (I have this person starred to remind myself to check back)
  • 1 artist asking for clarifications then not responding to the clarifications at the negotiation phase before ordering.
  • 5 artists provided “waste/loss” which met the specs they were selling but weren’t detailed enough for me to use. I accepted the delivery and moved on.
  • 1 artist provided something which seemed to ignore spec for the blurb they accepted, but I might be able to use to illustrate a different blurb in another book.
  • 4 artists provided something which met both our spec, and in a way I consider it usable, but wasn’t of the quality I wanted a lot of, so I did not continue with them.
  • 4 artists provided things which exceeded expectations so I returned to them, but their prices quickly increased.

I’m waiting on 8 pieces, and have 12 I plan to use, with 5 discarded. I might still need to do more contacts.

My average cost per usable piece is about 8 USD when adding in Fiverr’s fees, unusable deliveries, and accepting some of the smaller price increases. 64 of the 100 prospective sales are going to pay artists for landscapes. I still need cover art, and there will be taxes on the revenue. If I don’t break 100 sales, my time spent searching for and wrangling artists, writing and editing, will be less than minimum wage.

And that’s a good point :wink:
same with sellers: your average cost is 8$, seller will get 4$ from fiverr plus income taxes they will have to pay. So they left with 3.5$ on average.
How much time do you think sellers can spend drawing everything to the amount of details you want with that pay?
3.5$ is almost three times less than minimum hourly wedge in the US.

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I took a quick look and it seems I don’t have any US sellers for the landscapes. I found four from Italy, two from India, then one from Switzerland, Poland, Egypt, Indonesia, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, and the UK. Some have higher than the US minimum wage, some have a lot lower. Given that the US doesn’t have an exclusive monopoly on skill, I figure the talented individuals from the lower cost of living areas would be more viable.

This are not exactly countries with a lower cost of living :wink:

And even for people from Lower income countries 3.5$ is not a big wage at all.

For places like Indonesia and Egypt, it’s close to double the minimum wage.

if you want designs with great quality for the price of a doritos or a snack, sorry here are professionals and that low price is a joke for us :wink:

If you want a sketch without color and just something quick (which obviously won’t be of great quality), maybe it will be accepted. But then don’t cry canceling the order :wink:

8 out of 12 pieces I received using the $5 tiers fit what I wanted, and half of those merited me returning to the seller. There’s a lot of hubris in saying only expensive sellers put out good work.

It is not arrogance or something like that, it is professionalism of people who have graduated and know the cost. I don’t think an architect charges $5 to render a house. but there are certainly people who charge $5 because they do not value their work…and yes, in some unconscious way, people are contributing to the devaluation of art, design, etc.

$5 doesn’t have the same impact in all areas of the globe. Not all work is architectural rendering. I should clarify that when I’m discussing landscapes in my examples, I mean fantasy landscapes rather than formal landscaping plans. I’m buying an hour or two of watercolours.

That’s a lot of effort to seek out many different low priced sellers and to receive a multitude of varying outcomes.

Perhaps going with 2 or 3 moderate/medium priced sellers with solid profiles and track records might have proven to be less of a hassle.

When you approach sellers who operate off of $5 orders, of course it would constitute a side gig and (hopefully) not their main source of income.

I agree it’s a lot of effort. It would be great if my budget let me stick with the people who raised their prices.