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Lost My GiG ....!....!....!....! Be Careful Friend

Some days ago i saw a so nice Gig on fiverr. That was Bigcommerce product add related. So then i thought that why i can not make a gig like this. So i made a gig same to that and after 3 days i got 2 order. I was complete those order and my client give me good feedback and then after 2 days i get 1 order that is still i am working.

Suddenly yesterday Fiverr give me a massage ,

Hi masudvi,

We are sorry, but your Gig: ‘add 30 Products in Bigcommerce Website’ did not pass our content editors’ review.

We’ve removed your Gig because either your Gig description, image or both, were copied from another Fiverr seller. You are welcome to create a new Gig using your own content.
The Fiverr Team

I was surprised to see that because then i did not know about Fiverr’s this rule. At list i can understand that Fiverr do not give permission to copy any other gig.

However I lost my Gig and so friend be careful for this rule. Don’t do this mistake like me.
But i think Fiverr should need give me an alert or an opportunity to edit that gig.

So all friend be careful.


Did you copy and paste their exact description? Because there are a lot of gigs that are basically the same thing here on Fiverr.

Actually, Fiverr did alert you but you probably didn’t read it. When you created your account you were clearly supposed to read the Fiverr Terms of Service before creating gigs. If you had actually read it, you would have seen this:

Gigs may be removed by Fiverr for violations to these Terms of Service, which may include (but are not limited to) the following violations and/or materials:”
“Intentional copies of Gigs”

You might want to read it all before you make another big mistake.

Thanks bro now I can understand and never happen this kind of mistake by me. Thanks for your kind information.


Copy-paste not allowed on Fiverr.

She’s not a “bro”…

you could have modified the gig and make it yours. Sorry about this.

Dont copy same description…need little bit change…

Sure thing, sister masudvi.

Hi,… You can not copy content of others… make real fresh description for your gigs. Do not use same images as well. make it real. CHEERS!!!

Ha ha ha ohh . sorry bro. Thanks

Thanks sister and sorry

Hum now I can understand

But when lost a Gig.


You are right

Yes now I can understand this

No problem! It’s a good practice since buyers might be unhappy if addressed incorrectly. :wink:

hahaha :smiley: you made my day. :smiley: