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Lost my Gig rank!


I was doing great and getting orders on regular basis and honestly, there was no cancellation and I delivered all orders before deadline. No issue from any buyer and I got positive feedback from all but from last month, I’m not getting new messages or orders, some of my old clients are still ordering my Gigs but they don’t give feedback and all my Gigs are now at last page in search. I’m depress and I have no idea what’s wrong. I tried to increase Gig prices and change tags but gig rank is even dropping more and more everyday. What I should do now? I’m already sending requests and taking care of all such basic things. Is it really because of Fiverr algorithm and I should wait for sometime or I should change description and other things every week?

P.S: I have noticed that when my Gig were ranked and I was not so active they were still at the same position and the thing which is bothering me a lot is how come all my Gigs get dropped when everything was going so well.


Did you edit your gig recently? If you do, your gig rank will be lost. If you use fake impression(for example: in FB group, like and view exchange), sometimes Fiverr system detects it and it will adversely effect your gig performance.

So, my suggestion will be:

  1. Don’t edit gig if it performs well. Editing gig results in losing gig rank
  2. Do proper social marketing in FB, Twitter, Instagram, Medium

Best wishes for you



Thanks for the reply!

1- No,I have not edited my Gig at all . It just happened at the time when
I was getting good sales.

2- No, I have never got any fake impressions and I don’t promote my Gig on any social media platform.

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Feeling sorry to hear that. Then, maybe it is some kind of glitch in Fiverr Gig rank algorithm. Hope you will regain your impression and rank with time.

If everything (your gigs) all right, no need to worry. I faced this situation many times & still facing. Look around you, there are so many gigs & ranking algorithm changes, I understand everybody deserve to get rank & get some orders but if you feel depressed, nothing will be changed. :slight_smile: Just relax, enjoy your time. Bad days coming & it will be END very soon I hope. Good luck, my friend.


It will again be ok in sometime ! If only your gig stays up others wont get a chance so fiverr gives chance to everyone by rotating the gigs hope you understand

In few days or time your gig will again rise up in the search i guess


If the gig isn’t appearing on search result!
Mostly give it some day and wait for the next evaluation I think it will be fixed!
On the other hand if you ask why did this happen!
from a buyer point of view there is a personal rating for the seller it can be related by ranking and search result!

Thank you so much! You’re right being depress wouldn’t do anything but it’s been month and I don’t have any idea for long situation will remain same.

I hope so. I guess I should just wait instead of making any changes in Gigs.

It’s appearing on the last page and when the the gig rank dropped , I was getting good reviews almost every day.

Hmm. I’m totally in the favor that others should get a chance too but I have no idea when my gig will be back on first page or If it’s because of anything other than the Fiverr algorithm. Anyway, I guess I should wait for 2 more weeks before making any changes in the Gig.

It’s been 3 years for me. :smiley:

Really? OMG, don’t say that. Ain’t you getting any order at all or you are just not on the first page? I can’t imagine to survive if the situation will remain same for 3 more months.

Nope, I still survive with my old clients & slowly getting few orders. Yep, just lost my first-page rank. ::slight_smile:

That’s good. I have only few old clients and it would be really hard for me.


The corona virus has now spread around the world in the form of epidemics. Maybe it has affected the marketplaces and because of this the orders are coming less. Don’t be discouraged. You must return to the previous state.

It all depends on your luck how fast will you come back on track…

It happened to me last November and still struggling to get it on track,

Every now and then Fiverr shuffles the GIG and the ones that perform at that time comes back on the first page.

This is just my Personal Experience and research done on it.

Do make sure you do not make mistakes in when you panic. it is very usual human behavior to do make mistakes when we panic

Like Braking the TOS
editing the GIG too often etc etc

That sounds logical and fair but how far it is true I don’t know. I hope In sha Allah my gig performs well in this crisis.
Thanks I was worried because all of sudden there is no messages or orders. This could be a possible reason. I am happy with the reasoning for the time being.

Hi Amelia,
Have you considered promoting your gigs again on social media platforms? Maybe that’ll help you gain traction!

same is the situation with me.
my rating goes down due to a project.
and now from so long time i am contacting one and other but nothing helpful was found

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