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Lost my gig ranking after buyer fraudulently cancelled order

Last month I completed an order for a buyer, and 3 days ago they decided to cancel/ chargeback the order so that they could get the money back. This affected not only my completion rate (which was 100%) prior to this, but also my gig ranking. I used to be on the 2nd page consistently ever since I started selling on fiverr. I can’t even find myself in search anymore. I haven’t gotten anymore sales and my impressions went down significantly. I’m currently in contact with CS, but nothing has happened yet.

For anyone else who has experienced chargebacks, will your gig ranking go back to normal after CS solves the issue? I just find it so crazy that a buyer can scam an artist for free art, be actively using the art knowing they did not pay for it, and essentially make me loose all sales. The person who did this scammed me for Twitch emotes for his community to use, meanwhile his community has no idea that he did not pay for the emotes. Unbelievable.


The Fiverr search system is dynamic, and gigs move around frequently. There is no set rank, therefore, there is no guarantee that your gig will return to where it was. Gigs do rise and fall, in terms of where they appear, based upon your metrics.

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Cancellation has massive impact on the gig ranking and overall impression of the profile that I am experiencing. I got an order cancelled by the buyer despite I worked for him. My gig lost rank and impression. New inquiries stopped hitting my inbox.

I also facing the same problem