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Lost my gig ranking after editing?

Hey! I started selling on Fiverr 2 months ago, and it’s now my 3rd month! At first I was doing really well getting more orders than I could handle, but just decided to spend the whole day working on orders so I could get them done on time. Eventually I had too many orders that I actually started to deliver a couple of orders late.

Last month around the 14th I decided to edit my gig to change the amount of time needed for the bigger packages so that I wouldn’t be late on any orders. After this edit I noticed that basically instantly (the next day) I didn’t receive any orders. I lost my gig ranking, I still get a couple of orders a week, but not much. Also most of them are from BR, not from search. I then edited the gig back to what it was before in hopes that it would solve the problem, but it just made it worse.

Do you have any advice on what I should do to fix this? I’m scared to edit my gig again because the possibility of losing my rank even more and potentially losing all orders. The fact that I can’t see gig stats doesn’t help either. Thanks!


You just contact support. Thanks


actually you are updating your gig.
edited/updated gigs are reviewed by fiverr so the process can take a time to be ranked.


Does Fiverr say this on the website? It’s been over a week since I edited my gig, so I’m confused why it would take so much time to be ranked again :thinking:

Can support really help you rank your gig?

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Hello mate, did you get back gig rank?

nope! my gig impression and clicks are still down unfortunately :confused:

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So sad the same as me, thanks for your cooperation.

No, don’t listen to this poor advise, CS is just going to tell you that they don’t have any influence on your ranking and everything is going as it should, your gigs are active etc. as they have told thousands of sellers asking them the same question.

You have increased your delivery time for your packages, which automatically makes you less of a source of quick money for Fiverr because your turnaround time decreased. That is most likely why the algorithm decided to give you a lower ranking. Similarly, late deliveries can also result in a decrease of ranking. You can easily work your way up again by delivering your next couple of orders in time and hopefully receiving good reviews for them. For future reference, only edit your gigs as much as needed but as rarely as possible.


Not a big Issue. keep working its take may be 3 to 5 days get your gig ranking back.

Yeah! I agree with this, I posted this post 2 months ago, and actually got my gig ranking back after I edited my gig back to what it was previously. My gig is now not ranked anymore because of something unrelated ( scammer made a chargeback, which made my order completion go down so I lost my rank).