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Lost my gig ranking, please help me. how to get my gig ranking

Hi everyone,
i’m in great trouble because i have got 1 star review some days ago now i lost my gig.
now my gig last page. i am trying to improve my gig but didn’t solve this problem.
please help me. now What should I do now?


5 days ago order automatic completed then today client give me 1 star review.
i always try to best for my client.


I don’t know what you can do except contact CS if what your client did was by mistake. Other than that, best of luck


Thanks for your suggest

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Hello,even if you have thousands of sales, 1 bad review could drop you hundreds of ranks.

In your case your work wasn’t appreciated by the Buyer even if you tried your best. If you claim to be a professional then you should stand up to your name and do the job correctly.
If you think though by any chance the person was joking with you then you should Contact Customer Support for further information.

-Have a good day


Thanks for your opinion

There is a free plugin for chrome called word tracker scout , download it

then go to fiverr search box and enter your keyword for what you wanna rank, for example " SEO Expert india " in Fiverr Box , once all gigs are loaded on first page, only then run the application and you see the keywords-list based on Relevance …in wordtracker app, cool HACK :wink:

Remember Fiverr Rank yours gig based on relevance there is no rocket science, most people dont know what to enter/ADD in Gig title , so now run the above app and see the data and keywords based on relevance , simply add 7to 10 keywords in your gig and its discription, thats my friend is the secret formula to Rank any gig,which im revealing after 5 years

2/ Add a short video by creating on canva for free

3/ Dont copy paste someone else gigs title discriptions, be uniqe

4/ Add word FREE in thumb-nail and Time line

5/ Example SEO TOP Rankings in 30 Days , or its for FREE


@anmolatif2016, Please stop copying and pasting this in multiple threads. Telling people to use outside hacks and apps to improve their gigs is a bad idea, and could get you or others into trouble.


yes dear same problem :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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please send the link i search the chrome web store but i can’t find it


Knowing what keywords competitors use is useless. What are you going to do? Use those same keywords? Using high competition keywords means you’re extremely unlikely to benefit from them and you’re just further crowding the marketplace, which works against you, not for you.

Tools are only helpful if they show you what the BUYERS search for. Just because competitors use a term that doesn’t at all mean that term is what buyers are searching to find what they want. And even if they were, it wouldn’t tell you what terms have low competition but high demand and THAT is an SEO strategy. Not finding out what competitors are using and them using the same thing… How can everyone rank for the same terms? Seriously…

This isn’t a hack at all. Pretty ironic to see this from a supposed SEO expert with no apparent sales.


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Yar niche check karo link, agr phr b koi masla a to bato

I think it’s unprofessional to use emojis many times.


Lolz, marketing of shity external plugin. I am SEO expert and can find and place keywords, but there is not problem of keywords. Fiverr want sellers to promote their gigs after earning some amount. I am doing paid promotions but let’s see waht happens.

Hi, Did anything improved ?

So Sad :unamused: some of buyer they don’t know what they need! :roll_eyes:

very good suggestion thank you for your suggestion.

Previously, my GIG was always on the 1st page, but from the last one week my GIG went to the 3rd page and I have shared a lot but still the GIG is on the 3rd page it self.

Please help me in this and suggest me what I have to do.

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Reality speech I agree with you.