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Lost my job due to COVID-19

I am an employee in a private firm but I lost my job last month. Now I started to work on Fiverr. but I didn’t get any work for the last 2 weeks. can anyone help me to grow on Fiverr :frowning_face: :frowning_face:


yes sure please tell me what kind of help you needed

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Can you please give me some tips on how I can grow on Fiverr?

I Lost my job because of the Covid-19
I Join again in old account on fiverr after 1 year
But order are not coming.
What should i do?

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first thing first try to learn a skill
then create a gig on fiverr with top niche and accroding to your skill write good description and give quality server InshaAllah you will get orders.


This will help you

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I am also lost my job and I started to work on fiverr But I didn’t get order plz help what should I do
I need the work

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So sad news! keep your skill sharp and stay connected. And try to bid from the buyer request. You will succeed. Best of luck!

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There are lot stories after covid19 but same time opportunity also arise. we have to prepare yourself grab that opportunity. and never giveup

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