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Lost my Level 1 Badge after sharing my email with a client

One of the services I offer here on fiverr is designing and fixing blogs on the google blogspot platform and this requires that I share my information such as email address with the buyer to enable them make me an admin in their blogs in order to do the work.

But fiverr’s TOS does not allow sharing of personal information such as email address and that have cost me my Level 1 badge.

How can I find a solution to this as it is the second time I am having this issues?

Most web design work requires sellers and buyers to exchange information such as email addresses in order to carry out the given tasks.

Fiverr has no problem with the exchange of information to fulfill and actual gig, but since it’s against the ToS otherwise you HAVE to get them to approve your gig in advance. I have one gig that requires me to collect all kinds of contact info, so when I made the gig I sent a link to Customer Support, explained why I needed the info, and promised not to ever use the info to break the rules. They checked everything and approved my gig and I saved a screenshot of the permission. I’ve never had any issues since then and if a new CS rep contacted me I’d be able to show them the permission message.

Fiverr won’t approve it if they don’t agree that it’s necessary, though, so you’ll have to make sure you can offer them a definitive explanation if it is.

Thanks for the advice, I think I will do same with those gigs that requires personal information to be shared.

That’s your best bet. That’s why you see some TRS selling gigs for Skype consultations. Although you normally can’t use Skype with a gig, if they get approval, they can offer gigs for Skype calls.

Please, i have forgot my email but i remember the log in and password. Please how do i get my email back

I have no idea. You could try contacting Customer Support.