Lost my level 1 badge, how do I recover it back


Hello guys, I lost my level 1 badge now, and I don’t what to do. I understand the fact that that I can be restored back, but I don’t know how. Is there any process? Or do I still need to complete another set of orders? Or after how many months?

Pls, I need your contributions to know how many days/months it would take to retrieve the badge back.

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How did you lose it?


I just got up from bed, and I noticed I couldn’t find my gigs through the app.

I checked through the website, and it wrote above
"Your account has been restricted"

I can do the restoring of account, but the badge, I don’t know how many days it would take to retrieve it.


Have you contacted customer support? I was under the impression that they sent an email explaining why your account has been restricted however I could be wrong.

If you aren’t aware of the exact reason why, then it’s best to ask and find out.


I have contacted them, and am sure they will restore the account soon, but they won’t restore they level badge, I will have to work towards that again.

So my question is how many days does it take to retrieve the badge, or do I still need to complete orders?


If it’s a mistake on fiverr’s behalf then I’m sure that they will restore your level badge.


I think it is some of those reporting issues of buyers.
So I don’t think the badge can be restored.


In that case, you’ll have to talk to customer support about how you can regain your badge as the way to redeem your badge varies depending on the reason why it was removed in the first place.


OK, I was only thinking if I could see anyone who had experienced the same thing to give me a contribution on how they retrieved it


The problem is that it’s very subjective.

Even someone with an identical issue to you could have received a different treatment from fiverr because it depends on which staff member handles the issue.

If a more lenient staff member read the complaints of your buyer then it is more likely that they would let you off with no punishment / a minor punishment but a harsher member of staff could punish you more severely for the same issue. This is why the best thing to do is to seek confirmation from customer support - if possible, the same staff member that removed your badge.


Now I get it. Such cases vary right?


It depends on what you actually did. Something like that happened to me also when I was a level one seller about three months ago. I wrote a letter to the customer support. I was told what I did. I apologized and was restored my badge within 24 hours.
Try contacting them also.


Contact the customer support and try to know the reason for your restriction.

Usually, Fiverr send an email after they restrict your account, try to find that mail.

Normally if you avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days, levels get restored.


Ok, thanks for all contributions.

I will reach out to the CS again


Go to analytics of your account, there must be a reason behind it.


You surely can figure out why it happened.

Either your analytics, or reviews are bad, or you violated terms of service somehow.

You can correct it eventually if you know the reason.


Ok, I will check that too


Yes, that’s correct. This is why it’s important to get customer support to clearly tell you what the issue is so you know how to resolve it.


Is this possible I never know about this thing :open_mouth: ??


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