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Lost my level one badge due to a rude buyer! can anybody help?


Hello Everyone,

I recently lost my level one badge because of a rude buyer. He told me that some work is to be done in Adobe Photoshop but gave me Adobe Illustrator file. He placed one more order and asked me to give a editable file for $5 (though i had a gig extra of editable file for $10 extra) but I have him the editable file for $5 instead of $10 still he gave a negative feedback.

Can anyone tell me what should I do ???


Reply to @prohelper27: @arnevb:

I think @arnevb: is right. But have sent the buyer the messages asking his problem but he is not replying.


Contact customer support.


no matter what you do for some people they can not be grateful. but is like some have ony $5 and have plenty gigs to buy and so after you have supplied them the work they will ask for refund and move ahead to order the next one. i think fiverr should solution to these set of people.


Reply to @arnevb: Yes, you are right, he should first try to work it out with the seller. But if buyer doesn’t respond or want to cooperate, then contact customer support.


The buyer does not want to cooperate any way. Should I offer him a free gig, if in return he gets ready to remove that feedback??


Will customer support really help, I mean problem is not technical ?


I had a very similar issue and cancelled the order in a fit of rage (whoops) but customer support fixed it, they can review any discussions. Funny he wanted an adobe picture placed in a form maybe same guy ha ha . took me a while to figure out how then he decided he wanted me to add boxes and check marks and and and but did not order extras was very very rude though I repeately was [polite!


Now the buyer is not responding, I think its high time, I should contact customer support.