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Lost my level one batch

Last 10 days my response rate 86%. so today lost my level one batch. very sad day.:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Do you have the Fiverr app installed on your phone? It’s a good way to get notifications of messages any time, so you can ensure that you respond more timely in the future.

It’s a shame to lose your badge because of response rate - hopefully you can get back to 100% this month and get promoted next month!


yes. i am also so disappointing about that. lost some gigs. thank you for your’s really good support me.

You lost your Level :1st_place_medal: Badge.

Dust yourself off and try again. Try your best to improve before the next evaluation. :pineapple:


Thats upsetting, but remember you can always bring it back up :slight_smile:

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yes. i will try for that. thank you @nikavoice

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yes.thank you @brenna_n

try to increase your response rate.

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yes i try hard. but have a big problem i lost 8 gigs.

so sad news for you…

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To Keep The Levels You Have To Keep This Requirements:

  • A 4.8 star rating
  • 90% response rate
  • 90% order completion
  • 90% on-time delivery
  • Avoiding warnings.

Take care for the next month