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Lost my Payment, decided to quit Fiverr

I didn’t get paid without any logical reason, I have transferred my money to Payoneer & didn’t receive any kind of Email, Transition ID, etc. Almost 01-month struggle with customer services. 20 Plus reply with all the screens shoots and proofs, 05 plus communication with Payoneer and still, there is no reason to stay here on Fiverr. I am just disappointed with Fiverr at the moment. I have worked hard to achieve a great profile review & worked in a professional way. Now I didn’t get paid? Should I consider this a fraud or scam? Fiverr take the 20% home and the freelancer Payment is now not a matter or any priority at all. I am not going to use and will not recommend freelancer to join either. Such a disappointment after working day night to achieve milestones & didn’t get paid. Please let me know if any other freelancer has faced the same issues & how as a Freelancer we can stop such things.


You do not appear to have an active account on Fiverr. We cannot help you if you do not have a seller account. Customer Support is the only source of a resolution on your current issues.


You could quit. Alternatively, you could just try and explain your problem more clearly. How long have you used Fiverr and how long fave you used Payoneer? Is your identity verified with Payoneer?

You need to explain each step of the problem. If you don’t no one can help.


He does, just remove “1” from the username.


Twice in 3 years I have had an issue with a payment going from Fiverr to Payoneer.
It was Payoneer’s issue both times. Payoneer seem to be happy to pass the blame to Fiverr but if Fiverr can see that the money left your Fiverr account then the issue has to be with Payoneer.
Have you checked your actual Payoneer account or have you been waiting to see the bank transfer?


@eoinfinnegan How did you get it resolved?

I agree it’s probably something about Payoneer. I assure you OP fiverr isn’t keeping your earnings.


I made it clear that I knew Fiverr wasn’t the issue and after several days the Payoneer person said that it had somehow been lost in the system but that it was found now - not sure how that is possible to be honest.
The second time it had come into my Payoneer account and left it to go to my bank (this all happens automatically every time) but it hadn’t reached my account. In that situation Payoneer initially said to contact my bank which I pointed out as being ridiculous (“Hello my bank, did you block me from receiving money for no reason? No? Ok then.”) and so Payoneer went looking again and came back to me to say it would be cleared in 2-3 days which it did.

Essentially what I am saying is that Payoneer seem to blame everyone else initially, presumably to try buy time in the hope that it will sort itself out in the meantime.


I had a problem with Paypal, or something along the way from fiverr to Paypal where the money never left my fiverr balance each time I tried to transfer it. So I had to use a new Paypal account. I solved that one by myself.

It’s an incredibly complex system of code to do this, transfer money from fiverr to Paypal or Payoneer.

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This is my experience with them also. - Just with regard to a different kind of situation.

I asked the OP how long they have been using Payoneer, as I’ve seen more than a few posts on the forum over the years, where people have attempted to withdraw prior to having a valid and verified Payoneer account.


OP has been selling for years, so unless they’ve never withdrawn before (for years!) or if they’ve been using PayPal and just now switched to Payoneer…


About a month ago I had a similar problem with Payoneer.
The payment was simply lost somewhere between Payoneer and my bank. It was marked as “Completed” and it took around 3 weeks of promises “to solve it as soon as possible” and so on, until the payment was found.
It turned out that something was changed in the local banking system and Payoneer had to make necessary adjustments to comply with them.


I have the same issue going on my friend! I have transferred the amount from my Fiverr to Payoneer and it got lost in the pipeline. I have reached out to Payoneer several time I have been talking to Fiverr customer care from almost a month now. still no success. I am thinking the same of quitting Fiverr now so I do not waste anymore of my time here.

had a bad experience and will not recommend freelancers to work here.


This happened to me about 2 months ago. These things take time. Fiverr stood through with me until the issue was fully resolved. The problem in most cases is from Payoneer, but Payoneer would always push the problem to Fiverr. Fiverr asked for my details and followed through with Payoneer and I got my money back after 3 weeks. I can assure you Fiverr is not keeping your earnings. You just have articulate the issue properly in a nice way so that they could help you out.

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Did you know there’s a thing called “IBAN discrimination”? No joke …

In my case, there was trouble between PayPal and my bank, and in the end, I had to get another bank account because PayPal support was not able to handle that. IBAN discrimination is not supposed to exist, but it does, only try to tell that to support people who never heard about it …

The really funny thing about it was that they had sent money to the exact same account a few times before, and suddenly out of the blue booked the money I thought I sent, back on my PP account, claiming that I tried to withdraw money from a nonexistent bank account to my PP account (I was not, I was trying to send money to my very existing bank account (which worked just fine for other things).
Bugs. Bugs everywhere.
:bug: :bug: :bug:

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Agree but most of the time if a transition is passed by Fiverr, it provide us an Email of the transition with the transition ID. I don’t get that as well. Payoneer support need a Transition ID to track the transition. But according to Fiverr the amount is transfered but I never recieved anything in Email at all.

I have used payoneer multiple time with the account & I have a history of transition with my Fiverr to Payoneer, as well as I am using Payoneer with upwork as well and it is working fine.
The issue is with the last transition, I did’nt get any Email, transition ID etc.