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Lost my payment

Hi, I recently Withdraw my money from fiverr to bank transfer. I’ve chosen the 3$ deducted package so that the money arrives in less then 2 hours. But this time the payment took more then 24 hours and still its stucked on the "Pending section of the payoneer.

I worked really hard to earn money and this payoneer is not sending me my legitimate and halal income. Do you think it is right? I didn’t expect this bug from Payoneer, no one from the payoneeer is contacting me. What should I do?


Please contact payoneer customer care

Yeah contact payoneer customer care

Contact payoneer customer support

Support Payoneer Customer contact you must.


contact payoneer customer care

@designerbristy1 This is the 5th time the answer has been posted!

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Through email or live chat?

Email or live chat? Which will be the best?

Hi @ahsan457 I’d love to look into this for you. I have just DMd you for further assistance.


Thank you guyes especially you melisa_su, I received my funds. You’re very great melisa_su