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Lost my response time

My average response time was 1 hr. But last night suddenly i see it went down, now my response time is 9 hr. But no new message is came. What happens with me? How i fix it? Please help

This happens because you are a new seller.
So, it is easy to fix that, the only thing you need to do is to have notifications always on and respond quickly as you can to any messages you get.
How to turn notifications?
Download Fiverr app (on app store or play store) on your phone and sign in with your account and select Seller page and toggle on notifications.
Or, download gmail app and sign in with the same email that you use with your fiver account and make sure to go to the settings of your account on fiver website and toggle all notifications on to your email.

This way will get you notifications of any new messages immediately to your phone.

Hope that i have helped.