Lost my top ranking gig from search results


Hi Everyone,
I joined fiverr eight months ago and worked very hard to get my first job and after two months of joining I got my first job.
I tried using the buyer’s request page to get new jobs and after some time became a Level one seller. After that buyer’s started to contact me themselves and I did not much need to use the buyer’s request page. My gig https://www.fiverr.com/saleeem/create-full-responsive-wordpress-website was in the page first of the search results for the keyword “responsive wordpress”. I worked very hard and finally became Level 2 seller.

After becoming a level 2 seller I decided to change my gig tags and title. I removed the word “responsive” from my gig’s title and also changed the tags. I wanted my gig to appear in the search results for “wordpress website” not in the results of “responsive wordpress” That was the worst thing I ever did on fiverr :disappointed_relieved: . My gig did not appear in the search results for the new keyword "wordpress website"
After few days I changed the keywords and title back to as it was before. i.e to “responsive wordpress” agian. But did not get my position back. Now even for the keyword “responsive wordpress” my gig is not appearing in search results.

Don’t know what to do now.
Any suggestions



The first thing I would say is that you always need to give it some time for search results to adjust when you make a change. That said, I just searched for responsive website and I found your gig on the first page with no difficulty. I did not find it on the first page with wordpress website, but that is a broader search term with more gigs, so it’s going to be harder to get in under that keyphrase.

Second, Fiverr staff made it clear that they are currently working on search and we may see changes on and off while they do that. They are also in process of shifting from titles to tags for search, but from what I understand that is not complete yet. Right now gigs still show primarily based on title and tags are secondary, but it sounds like they intend to change that over time.

Last, you can always contact Customer Support and ask them to check your search results. They may or may not be able to do as much while things are in flux, but I’m sure they will try. In time you may see positive changes, but of course search rank (or even being in search) is not guaranteed, so you always have to keep that in mind. You might try Buyer Requests again as well as some outside promotion while things are changing. Good luck!


Thanks @fonthaunt. I will try to get few orders from buyer requests again. Hope that will help with gig ranking


As for ranking, a Gig’s position in search is based on seller performance over a set time period (among other factors), it’s not a static position that’s sorted by descending order. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to your seller performance, such as order cancellations, delivery rate, responsiveness, etc.
If there’s a change of the rankings, then know that it’s not permanent. There can be many other Gigs currently performing at a higher rate than yours, that’s the reality of any marketplace. If other sellers are ranked higher than you by performing better than you (delivering early, getting 5 stars, communicating quickly) then it’s simply how the marketplace works


Thanks @wpspecialist24 thanks for the information.


you are welcome bro :slight_smile:


It usually takes like 24hrs after major changes for gigs to show up on the search. I’m wondering if you can see your gig in the search now?


@rockbellstudios It has been more than two days, but still I can’t find my gig in search results


Hi @saleeem , i am facing the same situation, any update on this, did you got your ranking back ? Looking forward.


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