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Lost nice Custom Offer today due to noSKYPING


Questoion: Can you or can’t you skype with a buyer for a career advice( in this case). I just lost a nice size custom offer!

SKYBE red flag saying no came up when I typed it…and yet sellers all over offer services on SKYPE right in the title.

What gives her


I don’t personally offer anything with Skype myself- so I’m just going by what I’ve seen around the forum- but I believe you have to clear it with Customer Support before you are allowed to use it with your Gigs. Once they give you the “all-clear,” then you won’t have any issues with using it.

Hope that helps! [=


Nice answer.


As Maddisont stated give them a heads up with a ticket and they mark your gig for you if they review it. Sometimes Skype or other info is required for the job you offer in the gig. Especially if you are a consultant or along those lines.

Other information such as log ins for web sites, emails to update email lists or create accounts for folks on some traffic pushing sites etc. this is all cleared through customer support.

heck skyping during teamviewer sessions are also needed sometimes.

Send a support ticket in requesting permission and for them to view your gig details and that usually works.

As the TOS clearly states:

under basics “Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page.”