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Lost of views on gig from last week

Hi, due to unknown reasons my gigs just lost views as my wordpress seo gig has all positive reviews and order is also completed recently and seller also gave me tip. It will be appreciable if anyone have any idea about this?


I haven’t any idea about this because i’m new in fiverr .

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It’s not clear if with “views” you intend clicks on your gig or impression. In my experience, both impression and clicks are never constant, but rather fluctuating over time. It definitely also depends on what you’re selling, but as long as you get orders like usual it shouldn’t be a problem.


you changed something ?? your profile ? your gig ? @waqas_wpd @vivi123

share your gig on social media… active on fiverr forum… but old gig not allow for edit… you can wait for somedays… than i hope your gig will get rank…thank you

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Staying active here doesn’t give you sales

following the post to know about it

No i did,nt change anything

The problem is i am not getting orders now and the impressions are declined to like 10 or 20 per day form 200+

That happens to me too. It usually takes few days (or few weeks maximum) and the situations returns to normal. Keep in mind that the number of impression is the number of times your gig apperared in front of potential clients (so it really depends on how they search for freelancers) and clicks are directly related to impressions. So it could be just a period in which people aren’t looking for your service.

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Upload a new gig and spent much time on Fiverr after that you can get more impressions and views. Also share your gig on social media. Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

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u can report it in fiverr .by query this.

Gig rank & views are not constant also not permanent. Gig rotation process is applicable for each gig and it is an automated process by Fiverr algorithm. If your gig comes beginning of search result, then naturally you will see that more people would click on it.

You may complete couple of orders with bigger amount of sales value with 5 star rating. Your gig will gain better rank on search result. Then the GIG will be more viewed.