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Lost Orders Cuz Of Being Unresponsive!

Hey! I bid on certain projects and after then I couldn’t be able to check my Fiverr’s account for a week due to some personal issues. I didn’t even had an app to track the notifications (my bad). But I am amazed to see that the clients ordered, it all started without asking me for confirmation or initiation. More surprisingly, we (me and client) do not even communicated for once, still it continued. Both orders eventually ended after 3 days with a complain that I haven’t respond to their orders.

Being a newbie, it is a huge loss for me as my completion rate has turned from 100 to 0. Although I accept my mistake, but don’t you think that the order shouldn’t start until and unless the freelancer initiate it?

Ouch, that’s a tough lesson to learn, yeah. At least now you’ll remember to pause your gigs if you’re going away for any longer period of time.

Fortunately, the completion rate will reset after 60 days.

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Unfortunately even if she did open out of office buyers are coming from her BR offer that can not be stopped.

But even you do not have app you still have email and you got email notifications that you have order and every time they messaged you you got email plus constant reminder from Fiverr.

This is unfortunate event and you have to wait out 60 days to recover.

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Dear newbie dont be panic, its realy feel bad. But any how itslife, and it is not a big issuebut need a struggle almost 60 days you will remain more effort. After that the algorithm will be refresh. So be happy and do effort


Amm Exactly! I will never ever leave it like this.
Thank you for sharing this link.

The worst is that I have a separate email for Fiverr that I didn’t open too (Bad Luck). Hoping it to never happen again at all.